GTA Online Prize Ride & Challenge This Week (June 23, 2022)

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GTA Online Prize Ride Sentinel XS
June 23, 2022: The new prize is available.

The new LS Car Meet social space in Grand Theft Auto Online is the best place for showcasing your Tuner-inspired vehicles. The Prize Ride Challenges give you the chance to win a new car each week. The weekly Prize Ride can be found on the back of a Slamtruck in the Car Meet. We're here to show you what the Prize Ride and Challenge is for this week.

The car meet is the place to be to show off your racing skills, snazzy cars, and overall wealth in Los Santos. From street races to facing off with other drivers, it has it all. Of course, earning RP and money are strong reasons to visit the meet, but the weekly prizes are pretty good too. Completing the challenges can be an easy way for you to get your hands on rare cars.

It's no secret that money runs Los Santos. You can take a look at our guide to find out how to make money this week, it's filled with handy tips for getting rich quickly. Also, if you have an Agency, it's worth knowing which cars can use Imani Tech.

What Is The Prize Ride Car & Challenge This Week?

The Prize Ride Challenge this week is to "Place top 5 in Car Meet races for 4 days in a row" in order to claim the Prize Ride available this week. Those who are successful will win themselves the new Prize Ride car, which this week is the Vapid FMJ, worth $1,750,000.

The good news is if you're half decent behind the wheel, you won't need to buy it, because it'll be yours for free. No good at racing? Maybe stick to boosting vehicles from the Exotic Exports car list instead then. We're sure you'll have the money available to buy it in no time at all.

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How To Claim The Prize Ride Reward?

Once you've completed the weekly Prize Ride Challenge you need to simply return to the LS Car Meet and claim the car from the games Interaction Menu.

Just make sure you have left some space in your garage for the new car. Obviously, you only need one free garage slot available, but it's important to make sure you do this before trying to claim your reward.

Assuming you've made space, the car will be delivered to your garage immediately.

How To Get Prize Ride Car In GTA Online

First off, you need to make sure you've paid the $50,000 for your LS Car Meet Membership. Once you've got that squared away you can then undertake the weekly Prize Ride Challenges.

Open your interaction menu in the LS Car Meet and then select the 'Prize Ride Challenge' to see what the weekly challenge is (we've also mentioned that further down). Once you know what to do you should then be able to select the race in question from the interaction menu.

You'll then be placed in a lobby with other players for the race in question, but be warned you may have to wait a bit for other players to join the race.

Now you just need to complete the Prize Ride Challenge in question to win the sweet ride. This will likely be determined by your winning position in one of the many new races added to the game, which includes:

  • Head-to-Head – a one-on-one ‘short format race’
  • Scramble – up to four players race to collect 20 checkpoints
  • Time Trials
  • Street Race Series
  • Pursuit Series – a more open race, where you can take multiple different routes
  • Sprint – a point to point challenge against up to three others

The Prize Ride Challenges are not the only way to get a new car each week in GTA Online. Take a look at our guide on the Podium Car for this week to find out what it is and how to get it. Also, we have a guide that shows you the Prime Gaming Rewards for this week if you've linked your Twitch or Amazon Prime account to the game.

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