Five Games Like Dead by Daylight

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Survivor, Claudette Morel, faces killer, The Trapper, in the main building of one of the Macmillan Estate maps in Dead by Daylight.

There’s no denying that Dead by Daylight has taken over the multiplayer horror scene as of late. With a Resident Evil crossover that saw it reach its highest player count since its debut in 2016, players continue to flock to the game, with many of them becoming loyal fans.

Much of the fun in Dead by Daylight comes from the unpredictable nature of it, given that it's an asymmetrical multiplayer title. However, Dead by Daylight players sometimes just need a break from running around in circles, and that’s where we’ve stepped in to help you find something new to play. Below, we’ve suggested five more games like Dead by Daylight for you to take a look at.

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Friday the 13th: The Game

Any fan of Dead by Daylight will have likely already heard of Friday the 13th: The Game. Players have hoped for a killer such as Jason Voorhees to be added to Dead by Daylight, but with Friday the 13th: The Game in existence, this crossover won't be happening anytime soon.

A player fleeing killer, Jason Voorhees, in Friday the 13th: The Game.
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That being said, Friday the 13th: The Game is still a worthwhile pick if you want to play Dead by Daylight without playing Dead by Daylight. The two games follow the exact same structure: a group of survivors tries to hide from and escape a killer, Jason.

The main differences lie in the fact that this asymmetrical horror is entirely set within the world of Friday the 13th. Maps take you directly to Camp Crystal Lake, killers play as the notorious masked slasher himself, and other players take on the role of camp counsellors. Additionally, there can be more players than there would be in a Dead by Daylight game, with Friday the 13th allowing up to 6 camp counsellors to try to escape from Jason.

Another fun difference is the fact that camp counsellors in Friday the 13th try to survive and escape, but they can also take a risk and attempt to take down Jason Voorhees! With more players and the opportunity to fight back against the killer hunting you down, Friday the 13th: The Game promises a fun experience, entwined with a lot of chaos.

In Silence

In Silence is a multiplayer horror game that has been a popular pick among streamers and YouTubers as of late. The title takes on the asymmetrical format again, with between two and six players trying to survive being hunted by a malicious monster. There are different mechanics at work here than that of Dead by Daylight, though.

Two players hide and wait to ambush the Rake in In Silence.
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The title uses proximity voice chat between players, which is always amusing when it comes to being scared senseless in a horror game. Yet, more importantly, the killer (known as the Rake) is almost entirely blind. The Rake will have an incredibly obscured view of the landscape, seeing just enough to be able to get around and hunt their friends. To make up for this, though, the terrifying creature has hypersensitive hearing abilities, meaning that players must be vigilant at all times.

Players use proximity chat to try to survive, but must remain aware of their surroundings and keep quiet. One misplaced footstep will alert the Rake, and it can bring a player face to face with an intense hunt, or even death. Similarly to Friday the 13th, too, In Silence also offers players the opportunity to fight back. Not only is this game about working together as a team and surviving, but it can become increasingly competitive if players choose to mess with the Rake.


One feature that Dead by Daylight lacks is proximity chat. There's almost definitely a good reason for this, but that doesn't take away from the fact that proximity chat, especially in horror or survival games, can be great fun. This is where Phasmophobia shines.

Phasmophobia is quite different to Dead by Daylight, but if you're looking for something a little more chaotic for a multitude of reasons, this title has it. Phasmophobia sees groups of up to four take on the role of paranormal investigators. You and your friends are taken to a location, with various ghost-hunting equipment, and are tasked to work out what sort of ghost you're dealing with before the ghost hunts you.

A player is approached by the ghost during its hunting phase in Phasmophobia.
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Phasmophobia is a mixed bag, because not only is it genuinely terrifying at the best of times, it's simultaneously hilarious too if playing with friends. You can be messing around and throwing household items at your friend, then communicating with the ghost via an Ouija board. Then, before you know it, you can be hearing the distorted screams of your friend via proximity chat as they meet their demise.

Having the ghost pop up on you is nothing less than horrifying, but when they decide to chase your friends down instead? Phasmophobia turns from being spine-chilling and into comedy gold. What's even better is the fact that the game is still in early access, and Kinetic Games seems to have more planned, too.


VHS is greatly similar to Dead by Daylight, with players participating in a 4v1 horror game, without having to spend a single penny. This eighties-inspired asymmetrical horror has players attempting to flee evil; the evil being monsters that have escaped the confines of video-tapes to terrorise their unsuspecting victims.

Three players face the monster killer in VHS. Two of them use weapons while one hides.
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What makes VHS interesting is the fact that it quite literally lives and breathes eighties horror and puts this all in a bright, neon landscape. The monsters are inspired by the classic Werewolf or take the form of a Dollmaster, and will stop at nothing to play out the script that they are a part of. Not only does the monster seek to kill, but to dominate, too.

It’s the player's job to turn the tides of the script and fight back. Staying loyal to the eighties slasher genre of cinema, players are known as ‘Teens’ and must use various weapons to attempt to extinguish the evil counterpart that is hunting them down. Unlike Dead by Daylight, there is no escape for players in VHS; they must kill or be killed. However, much like Dead by Daylight, all characters have unique perks to aid them as they descend on a path to become a hero or a villain in this cinematic horror title.

The game is yet to be released, but promises that it's coming soon. With VHS being free to play and drowning in eighties cinematics that fans of Dead by Daylight or Stranger Things would die for (literally), we hope it’ll be worth the wait.


If you’re familiar with how any form of prop hunt game works, you won’t be surprised to learn that Propnight unfolds in the exact same way, but with a sinister twist. Like VHS and Dead by Daylight, the game is a 4v1 taking place in a small town where teenagers seem to keep disappearing.

A player runs from the killer in Propnight.
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Much like a prop hunt, where players have the choice to take the form of various items to hide from whoever is pursuing them, Propnight sees this through but with murder being on the table. Players in Propnight must disguise themselves as items such as barrels, chairs, remote-controlled cars and other things in order to hide from the killer and escape them. While doing this, all players must work together using voice communications to repair Propmachines that will grant them their escape.

The game is quite literally if Dead by Daylight was combined with a prop hunt, which Dead by Daylight fans almost got a taste of given the temporary addition of snowmen to hide in for the Bone Chill Event. Propnight thrives off of this mechanic, however. If you’re looking for a break from Dead by Daylight that feels a little more laid back, Propnight is for you.

Additionally, the game is being regularly updated to fix any issues that arise and introduce new content. So, it’s definitely a game to have in your library and regularly pick up with friends for an asymmetrical horror game that feels more fun than frightening.

There you have it! Whenever Dead by Daylight burnout strikes, or you simply fancy a change of pace, there are five affordable and accessible games for you to consider adding to your library. If you can get your friends on board or don’t mind playing with strangers, each game offers its own unique take on the asymmetrical horror genre for you to try to have fun with.

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