AFK Arena tier list (May 2023) - Best heroes right now

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Talene ranks very high on the AFK Arena tier list for January 2022.
April 28, 2023: Angelo enters our AFK Arena tier list.

Where do the latest heroes rank on our AFK Arena tier list? As a popular idle RPG game, AFK Arena is constantly adding new and exciting heroes to spice up how you play. One simple change to your typical lineup can get you through a difficult spot while making past fights more challenging; it's just the nature of how any five units synergize with each other.

The game's best heroes are sometimes only that when paired with their perfect match. That being said, the best AFK Arena heroes are typically those who manage to outperform others in situations where they otherwise shouldn't.

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Three heroes dubbed those with the least summer-like skin in AFK Arena.
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AFK Arena tier list for May 2023

Best for PVE

Tier Hero
SSonja, Kren, Eorin, Palmer, Framton, Ainz, Alna, Daimon, Desira, Eironn, Elijah & Lailah, Lucretia, Merlin, Mortas, Raku, Nevanthi, Mishka, Rowan, Skriath, Silas, Grezhul, Talene, Morrow, Geralt, Audrae, Awakened Belinda, Rem
ACrassio,Melusina, Thoran, Scarlet, Haelus, Treznor, Thesku, Astar, Albedo, Arthur, Awakened Talene, Athalia, Drez, Eluard, Ezio, Ezizh, Fawkes, Ferael, Flora, Gwyneth, Hendrik, Isabella, Izold, Kelthur, Leofric, Lyca, Mehira, Mezoth, Morael, Nakoruru, Nara, Nemora, Numisu, Oden, Orthros, Pippa, Prince of Persia, QUEEN, Rosaline, Safiya, Saurus, Tasi, Tidus, Titus, Wu Kong, Zaphrael, Zolrath, Zikis, Yennefer, Mulan, Edwin, Maetria
BVeithael, Alaro, Belinda, Brutus, Cecilia, Estrilda, Gorvo, JOKER, Khazard, Respen, Shemira, Skreg, Thali, Theowyn, Vurk, Hodgkin, Canisa and Ruke, Olgath, Angelo
CFane, Anoki, Antandra, Kaz, Khasos, Lorsan, Lucius, Peggy, Raine, Satrana, Solise, Torne, Warek
DBaden, Oscar, Rigby, Ukyo, Ulmus, Walker
ESeirus, Thane

If you're just pushing through the main story content, these are the AFK Arena heroes you'll want to focus your resources on. For beginner's, this is your first port of call. Once you're all caught up, you can start investing in the best PVP and Boss Battle heroes for content grinding.

Best for PVP

Character PVP
SElijah & Lailah, Melusina, Awakened Talene, Albedo, Athalia, Izold, Kelthur, Mezoth, Nara, Silas, Zaphrael, Zolrath, Belinda, Brutus, Estrilda, JOKER, Lucius, Satrana, Warek, Baden, Ukyo, Ainz, Raku, Rowan, Skriath, Thoran, Sonja, Mulan, Eorinn, Eironn, Ferael, Mulan, Rem
ACrassio, Palmer, Hendrik,Haelus, Treznor, Thesku, Arthur, Ezio, Ezizh, Framton, Gwyneth, Isabella, Leofric, Mehira, Nakoruru, Numisu, Oden, Orthros, Pippa, Prince of Persia, Tidus, Cecilia, Gorvo, Kren, Theowyn, Vurk, Hodgkin, Antandra, Lorsan, Peggy, Oscar, Ulmus, Alna Daimon Morrow, Yennefer, Geralt, Nevanthi, Awakened Belinda, Olgath, Edwin, Maetria, Angelo
BScarlet, Grezhul, Lyca QUEEN Rosaline Safiya Zikis, Respen, Kaz, Khasos, Thane, Salaki
CAstar, Mishka, Drez, Flora, Morael, Nemora, Saurus, Tasi, Titus, Wu Kong, Khazard, Thali, Anoki, Torne, Rigby, Walker, Desira, Mortos, Tarnos
DEluard, Fawkes, Skreg, Raine, Lucretia, Merlin, Shemira, Anasta
ESolise, Seirus, Oku, Angelo, Niru, Ogi

For the competitive types, the AFK Arena PVP tier list above should help you make sense of the game's player-vs-player scene. With over 100 heroes available, building the perfect team isn't easy, and the meta is ever-changing, but the list above should give you some sense of who to aim for.

Best for boss battles

Tier Hero
SRowan, Elijah & Lailah, Awakened Talene, Pippa, Gorvo, Hodgkin, Ulmus, Morrow, Grezhul, Raine, Eironn, Solise, Albedo, Mezoth, Mulan, Palmer, Awakened Baden, Saurus, Kaz, Mulan, Edwin
ASilvina, Aina, Daimon, Eorin, Haelus, Astar, Mehira, Numisu, Orthros, Cecilia, Fawkes, Theowyn, QUEEN, Talene, Drez, Flora, Eluard, Lucretia, Athalia, Baden, Yennefer, Geralt, Leonardo, Crassio
BVedan, Veithael, Ferael, Audrae, Melusina, Treznor, Thesku, Framton, Arthur, Ezizh, Nakoruru, Prince of Persia, Kren, Antandra, Lorsan, Peggy, Alna, Respen, Morael, Nemora, Titus, Thali, Merlin, Izold, Zaphrael, Zolrath, Estrilda, Satrana, Ukyo, Ainz, Skriath, Thoran, Salaki, Awakened Belinda, Angelo
CNevanthi, Tasi, Scarlet, Mishka, Ezio, Gwyneth, Tidus, Vurk, Lyca, Safiya, Khasos, Thane, Wu Kong, Khazard, Torne, Desira, Kelthur, Brutus, JOKER, Shemira, Raku
DIsabella, Oscar, Rosaline, Anoki, Rigby, Walker, Mortas, Skreg, Silas
ELeofric, Oden, Zikis, Seirus, Hendrik, Nara, Belinda, Lucius, Warek, Ankhira, Ogi, Niru

Using the above AFK Arena boss tier list should set you on the right path to dominating the game's big PVE battles and events. A lot of helpful rewards are locked behind boss battle content, and going in with sub-optimal units can severely limit the goodies you'll get at the end of each. It's a setback not worth risking.

Whichever tier list you follow, the character rankings assume the hero in question is built to their best; fully leveled and with full Mythic+ gear, furniture, and other stat boosts. Their standing represents an absolute best-case scenario for the character in PvE (King's Tower and Campaign), PvP, and Boss battles like in the Twisted Realm.

Artwork of Rowan, Lorsan, and Rigby in AFK Arena to celebrate the addition of a new Union Story.
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How many Heroes are in AFK Arena?

Not counting the game's common fodder heroes you'll pull countless times in your time with the game, AFK Arena currently has around 88 characters that have, one way or another, found a place on the AFK Arena tier list. They all have their benefits, but like Seirus or Thane, some are just worth building in place of others.

How to get Geralt of Rivia in AFK Arena

In a surprising new collaboration, CD Projekt Red's pivotal character Geralt, The White Wolf Witcher, is available in AFK Arena. He is a Warrior, that specialises in Agility, and deals constant damage.

Players will have around two months to grab him, and will need a total of 60 resources to afford him. This means you won't need to pay, either!

There is also Yennefer of Vengerberg, too - a Mage specialising in Intelligence, that can buff teammates. The two of them would make quite a pair.

How we grade our AFK Arena tier list

AFK Arena is more than just a race through a long series of story missions. Although that's certainly where you'll be spending most of your time early on, it's only in end-game scenarios where top-tier heroes visibly push ahead of others.

Just about any AFK Arena hero you pull will get you through the story if levelled up enough. Raw stats are all you really need to edge out in these battles, after all. But once characters hit the level cap and thus stop gaining stats this way, it's how you optimize their equipment and carve strategies around their unique skillsets that will place them ahead of some others, thus creating the AFK Arena tier list.

While you won't really want to read too much into this if you're not taking on the game's ultra-competitive PvP scene or going up against massive bosses, knowing where your most recent pull sits on the AFK Arena tier list can give you a good idea of where you might want to spend your resources early on.

For example, if you're lucky enough to pull Daimon in your first summon, you'll probably want to focus your resources on improving them. Although just about any character will be able to pull their weight in the storyline, Daimon will continue to shine in modes where common units will quickly get trounced.

And that's everything you need to know about this AFK Arena tier list right now. Though the game is only going from strength to strength in 2022, you may still want to check out the competition. Last year saw games like Mythic Heroes and Valor Legends: Eternity attempt to sit at the same table. They're proving popular, though. So if you fancy a change of patch, consider clicking those links to find freebies you can use to get off to a great start.

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