Star Wars Jedi Survivor pre order bonuses and all editions

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A blue lightsaber flashes across protagonist, Cal's, face.
Credit: EA
April 28, 2023: Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out so we have checked through our information.

As expected, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor pre order bonuses are pretty interesting. The newest game in the Star Wars franchise, and direct sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is out right now.

Typically, for any big game release, video game companies will offer incentives to players in order to encourage them to pre order the game before its release date, which will be exclusive content only offered to those who purchase the game before a set date. EA has advertised on their website the set of items offered with the pre order of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, so we'll go over what they are.

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What are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor pre order bonuses?

As advertised on EA's website, there are two separate editions of the game available for pre order: the deluxe edition and the standard edition.

With the deluxe edition, players can expect to receive a number of intriguing cosmetic items which include:

  • The Jedi Survival cosmetic pack
  • The New Hero cosmetic pack
  • The Galactic Hero cosmetic pack
Image features a cosmetic pack with an outfit, a robot BD-1 comsetic, and a blaster set.
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Credit: EA
Cosmetic pack avaliable with the deluxe edition.
This cosmetic pack features an outfit, a robot BD-1 cosmetic, and a lightsaber.
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Credit: EA
The second cosmetic pack offered with the deluxe edition.

The standard edition, alongside the deluxe edition, offers players the chance to get the Jedi Survival cosmetic pack. If all cosmetic packs look appealing to you then the deluxe edition may be your winner! However, if you only wish to pre order the game and aren’t too enamoured with all the cosmetic items on offer, the standard edition may be your best port of call.

This cosmetic pack features an outfit, a blaster, and a lightsaber.
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Credit: EA
The "Jedi Survival" comsetic pack, offered with standard and deluxe edition.

Another thing to consider when looking at the items offered in each bundle is the weapons included. The standard edition takes a more weapon heavy focus with the Jedi Survival pack offering both the Combustion Blaster and Hermit Lightsaber. The deluxe edition offers only two extra weapons itself and the rest is cosmetics. Depending on the type of things that appeal to you as a player, one edition might serve you better than the other.

How to equip pre order bonuses

Once you've got the game, you'll be able to equip them by pausing the game and choosing the customisation option.

You'll also be able to change the appearance or BD-1 and your lightsaber from any workbench you find.

Platforms available for pre order

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is available for pre order on PC, Xbox Series X and S, and PlayStation 5. That means no long, arduous wait for release for PC gamers, which can sometimes be the case. The game will release on all platforms simultaneously with no console receiving any form of exclusivity.

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