What Monitor Size is Best for Gaming?

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When it comes to finding the best monitor size for gaming, there's certainly a lot of opinions out there and since everyone uses their monitors for different gaming genres, it can make it difficult to find the 'right' answer.

That being said, there are some ways to narrow it down based on what resolution you're playing at and especially what games you're playing with it.

Keep reading for our 2 cents on what the best monitor size for gaming is!

What monitor size is best for gaming?

Typically speaking, anything over 27 inches is considered not the best size for gaming. Now, we're being very general here as we're not factoring in personal taste, but on the whole, most gamers appear to swing towards the 24 inch - 27-inch options.

The big consideration to take is the pixel density.

Best Monitor size for 1080p Gaming?

1080p may sound low resolution, but it's a go-to for many gamers out there who want to access higher frames per second on some of the most popular games, and such, many esports monitors are 1080p.

What is the best monitor size for gaming
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What's important to remember is that 1080p is the same number of pixels whether it's on a small screen or a large screen, so it naturally looks much clearer on a smaller screen. If you were to get a 32-inch monitor at 1080p, you'd likely experience a more blurry image...not ideal for gaming.

We'd say go for a 24-inch monitor for 1080p, but you could also go slightly bigger if that suits you!

Best Monitor size for 1440p?

1440p is a step up, so you could get away with a clearer image at a larger screen, however, we'd still say 27 inches would be the best size to go for.

This resolution and size are becoming a great 'middle ground' for gamers wanting fast frame rates and quality resolution.

And last, but not least...

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Best 4K Monitor size for gaming?

And of course, there's 4K, which will provide a clearer image at an even larger size.

4K on a 28-inch screen looks brilliant, but you could go even bigger without losing too much quality.

However, all of this depends on what type of games you're playing. And for one type in particular, it could make all the difference...

What is the best monitor size for FPS?

If you're playing games like COD, Apex Legends and more, using a smaller screen is a great way to keep your enemies in view, which can provide an edge in combat.

Large screens may look amazing, but remember that you'll likely be sitting close to your monitor.

What Monitor size is best for gaming
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It may be immersive, but having to turn your head to see someone on the edge of the screen, especially when living and dying in-game can be down to a fraction of a second, may not be worth it.

For FPS, going for a screen that minimises this would be a good call, so anything between 24 inches to 27 inches.

What is the best monitor for gaming?

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