LG G2 TVs: Release Date, Specs, Price, And More

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While many of us are honed into the LG C2 range for gaming, it's worth remembering that the LG G2 TVs are slated for release too, and they're some of the most impressive to date.

We've got everything you need to know about it right here, including when you might be able to get your hands on it.

LG G2 TVs Release Date

We've seen reports that the LG G2 TVs may be heading our way for Spring 2022, however, a concrete release date is yet to be revealed.

It is, according to a recent article on German website AreaDVD, looking likely that March/ April may be the release date, at least in Europe, but we'll have to sit tight for confirmation.

A recent Techradar article also suggests that the LG G2 65-inch and 77-inch models will arrive in March, with the 55-inch and 83-inch versions arriving in April.

If that seems too long to wait, don't worry, as it looks like the payoff will be worth it.

LG G2 TVs Specs

So as expected, this TV packs a bit of punch and a few subtle, but welcome design changes on its previous iteration, the G1 series.

Let's break it down.

LG G2 TV Sizes

The LG G2 TV series will come in 55, 65, 77, 83, and 97 models. This time around, it includes two larger models which may be out of reach for most people but should be welcome to those looking for a projector alternative.

It also features LG's Gallery design, which allows you to mount it very snuggly to the wall. That being said, it looks like feet are optional if you don't fancy mounting it to a wall.

There's also a slight narrowing on the bezels this time around, a design choice we're seeing in some of the best upcoming OLED gaming monitors too.

LG G2 TV Screen Specs

LG G2 Tvs release date
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Credit: LG
WORK OF ART: These gallery style TVs look seriously impressive.

The screen itself is LG's OLED-Evo, which boasts higher pixel brightness than ever before.

Just how bright we're talking is yet to be fully confirmed, but we'd expect in the region of 1000 nits.

Comparatively speaking, it may not shine as bright as the QD-OLED panels found in Samsung's upcoming TVs and the Sony Bravia XR A95K for instance, but it's still very bright in our books.

Of course, the brightness comes in handy if this TV is on during the day and in a well-lit room, but it also allows for greater colour and higher contrast too, so it's a win-win.

We should also say that this is an HDMI 2.1 TV which will allow for 120hz/ 4K gaming, making it another strong contender for the best TV for PS5 or best TV for Xbox Series X.

God of War Ragnorok on a 97" TV? Yes, please.

LG G2 TV Processor

So the big thing here is the inclusion of the latest Alpha 9 Gen 4 processor. This processor does a few jobs that enhance the image so you can get the most out of the content.

The key areas impacted here are upscaling, which is now more efficient, and a new Dynamic Tone-mapping feature that works to improve visual detail on screen.

There are also improvements made to the sound quality which allow this Tv to create 7.1.2 virtual surround sound too.

LG G2 TV Price

According to a recent Techradar article, LG has officially revealed the US prices for their upcoming OLED TVs, including the new G2 line.

  • LG G2 55" (OLED55G2PUA) - $2,199
  • LG G2 65" (OLED65G2PUA) - $2,999
  • LG G2 77" (OLED77G2PUA) - $3,999
  • LG G2 83" (OLED83G2PUA) - $6,499

As for European prices, we have AreaDVD to go on, who have listed the pricing on their site.

  • LG G2 83": 8,999 Euro
  • LG G2 77": 5,999 Euro
  • LG G2 65": 3,599 Euro
  • LG G2 55": 2,499 Euro

The G2 series, as expected looks much more expensive than the C2 line, which starts at around $1,399 for the 42" model.

We're expecting big things from LG this year, and we think they'll certainly be worth it!

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