Cookie Run: Kingdom maintenance - Downtime and BST CRK patch notes (October 2022)

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Cookie Run: Kingdom maintenance graphic.
October 12, 2022: Here's how the BTS Cookie update will go down (and back up again!).

Whenever there's a big new update for the game, Cookie Run: Kingdom maintenance comes into effect, shutting the servers down for however long it takes to patch in all the new Cookies, features, and new events. We've pieced this page together to let you know exactly when the Cookie Run: Kingdom maintenance starts and ends, as well as list out the latest CRK patch notes.

For Cookie Run: Kingdom the updates are announced around a week in advance, but the times are dates, however, aren't too consistent: they seem to come whenever they're fresh out of the oven. It's hard to keep track, so we've made it easy.

Looking for more Cookie Run: Kingdom goodness? From the ever-important Cookie Run: Kingdom codes to the extensive Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list, there's a lot to learn about this cutesy cookie battler.

When is the next Cookie Run: Kingdom update? - BST CRK start time

BTS Cookie Run Kingdom release date countdown


The next Cookie Run Kingdom update - the BTS Cookie Run Kingdom crossover - is set for October 13, 2022 in most regions.

Refer to the release date countdown above. It matches the timezone of your device. Check below for the exact details if you don't trust it, though.

UK/EU CRK Downtime

  • Downtime begins at 9pm BST October 12, 2022
  • CRK servers go up at 2am BST October 13, 2022

NA/Asia CRK Downtime

  • Downtime begins: 10/13 at 5am UTC-9 or 10/12 at 1pm PT
  • Downtime ends: 10am GMT+9 or 6:00 PM PT

You can use Google or a site like World Time Buddy to convert those times to your local time.

If you're looking for another mobile RPG, though, two just launched right before the CRK downtime. We have an Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent tier list for one, and our Alice Fiction tier list for another. No matter which you're feeling, we're here to give you a headstart.

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