Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings - Best Stats, Sub-stats, and Treasures

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Cookie Run: Kingdom’s big May update keeps on giving. On top of the new content, we’ve seen new characters that are coming to the game. We're looking at the best Crunchy Chip cookie toppings build now that they're in the game and available.

The recently added Crunchy Chip Cookie is still a very new character to the game, and as such there is a lot of speculation and conflict about which build is best. While we patiently await more information on Crunchy Chip, we will keep this page updated with anything we find.

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The Best Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings

Toppings Sub-stats Treasures
Solid Almond x5ATK, CRIT%Pin Cushion, Grim Scythe, Squishy Jelly Watch

If you're hoping to build the best Crunchy Chip Cookie you can, stack the guy with nothing but Solid Almond toppings. These will dramatically boost his Damage Resistance, giving him some proper staying power.

For sub-stats, though, you'll want to aim for raw attack in a way. He can put most stats to use, but aiming for ATK and CRIT% will see the best returns. Even when he's down, his wolf will keep attacking, making this guy have virtually zero downtime. Thus, power boosts will really stand out over time.

The best Crunchy Chip Cookie toppings are in the works.
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Cookie Run: Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie Lore

Crunchy Chip Cookie is, for now, an NPC who was introduced as part of The Council of Heroes update.

He is the Captain of the Cream Wolves, found in the Dark Cacao Kingdom. As a member of the kingdom, he serves as Dark Cacao Cookie’s bodyguard, as well as their right-hand man during official events in the new Council of Heroes story.

How To Get Crunchy Chip Cookie

In order to have access to the new content, and new characters, you’ll need to unlock the Cookie Odyssey story mode. To do this, you need to clear stages 12-30 of the regular story mode. Then, all the characters will be possible through the gacha mechanic.

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