The Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Cream Puff Cookie Toppings

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With so many playable characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom, it can sometimes be hard to decide who to add to your team. Thankfully, our Cookie Run: Kingdom Cream Puff Cookie toppings build guide will explore the best setup for one of the most effective healing characters in the game. If it's a blistering dose of HP regen you're after, then look no further than Cream Puff Cookie.

In this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide, we'll explain the best toppings to equip alongside the incredibly useful Cream Puff Cookie. We'll also give you a definitive answer as to whether you should recruit this cookie to your team or not, as well as delving more deeply into her role and character-specific abilities.

Once you're all brushed up on Cream Puff Cookie, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to see the other top-tier cookies to add. We've also got a PvP tier list for when you enter the competitive arena, as well as a look at the brand-new Cherry Blossom Cookie. With all of those, you'll be ready for anything the game throws at you.

What Are the Best Cream Puff Cookie Toppings?

Best toppings build Alternative toppings build Best Treasure
5x Juicy Apple Jellies3x Juicy Apple Jellies and 2x Swift ChocolateGrim Scythe

If you want the single best topping for Cream Puff Cookie, then it's the Juicy Apple Jelly topping. That'll boost the CRIT chances with Cream Puff Cookie.

Given how well her ability scales with chance, you'll want to make it as effective and frequent as possible by boosting the chances of landing. We'll get into it more later on, but she can boost healing and damage simultaneously - so making that as effective as possible is a no-brainer.

Alternatively, you can also weigh up three Juicy Apple Jelly toppings with a couple of the old reliable Swift Chocolate toppings. Commonly used with casters of any sort, it's one of the best toppings in the game full-stop.

It reduces cooldown time for abilities, which not only increases the number of critical abilities you can push out, but contributes to higher healing and more consistent ATK boosts regardless.

The best Cookie Run: Kingdom Cream Puff Cookie toppings help her shine in battle.
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Is Cream Puff Cookie Good?

Simply put, Cream Puff Cookie is one of the best supporting cookies you can get in the game. She has arguably the best ability out of all the characters, and can turn a battle on its head when used properly.

While her attacking potency doesn't match up to others like Red Velvet or Sea Fairy, Cream Puff Cookie is instead very useful on the sidelines of battle. there aren't any other characters in the game who can heal up the team quite like her, setting the stage for brawlers and bombers to wipe out the opposition.

As such, if you want a strong healing character and have plenty of gacha rolls to spare, cross your figners for Cream Puff Cookie.

What Role Is Cream Puff Cookie?

As you may have gathered from the description above, Cream Puff Cookie performs the Support role. Therefore, her attacking potency isn't especially top-notch, with her speciality instead lying in how she can look after teammates.

Considering she has a Support function, it does mean that Cream Puff Cookie isn't always able to take a bunch of punishment. Therefore, you'll want to place her at the rear of your party, to ensure she doesn't get too much damage

What Is Cream Puff Cookie's Ability?

Cream Puff Cookie's ability is no doubt the big reason why Cookie Run: Kingdom players gravitate towards her. Called Jellius Extremus, it's one of the best Support moves in the entire game right now - with the right toppings, at least.

Jellius Extremus is quite a simple ability. It casts a rain of jellies falling from the sky, greatly restoring your allies' HP in the meantime. This skill says that it can't crit in the traditional sense, but you absolutely still want to use Crit chance to trigger its biggest effects - hence the reliance on things like Grim Scythe on top of the best Cream Puff Cookie toppings.

Without a critical hit stat stacke in her favour, she's bested by more common cookies. When she's optimized, however: she shines.

That's it for our Cream Puff Cookie toppings build! With this knowledge, you'll be able to set up this blisteringly effective cookie to help dominate tough levels. No other cookie in the game heals teammates quite like her, so she's definitely worth a place on your roster.

While you're here, feel free to redeem some Cookie Run: Kingdom codes. With plenty of free Diamonds on offer, you might even manage to get Cream Puff Cookie with the free gacha pulls!

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