The Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings

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May 11, 2022: We're still working hard to conjure up the best Clotted Cream Cookie toppings. It's a hard cookie to crack, so testing is slow.

Now available in Cookie Run: Kingdom, we're hard at work trying to figure out the best Clotted Cream Cookie toppings for you to take into battle. This new Super Epic character is the first of his kind, and we likely won't know the true extend of his power for a few days yet.

Until we've managed to put the new character through his paces across PVE, PVP, Guild Battles, Cookie Alliance, and everywhere else, take our table of the best toppings down below with a pinch of salt. The fundamental ideas are there, but they're not tried and tested just yet.

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What Are the Best Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings?

Best Toppings Alternative Toppings Sub-Stats Treasure
Swift Chocolate x5Swift Chocolate x2, Searing Raspberry x3ATK, Crit%, CooldownSquishy Jelly Watch

It's early days yet and the absolute best Clotted Cream Cookie toppings won't be known until we've all tested the new character's skills out properly, but here's what we think will work well with them.

For the most part, Clotted Cream Cookie is the Magic version of Caramel Arrow Cookie in some regards - a hard counter. He ensnares the closest target, prevents them from buffing up, deals area damage to the team, and then hits one final time to deal damage relative to the target's HP.

Beyond Caramel Arrow, the ability should work wonders on locking down powerful frontline targets like Hollyberry, Dark Cacao and Moon Rabbit Cookie as well.

With that in mind, a mix of Swift Chocolate and Almond should work well. With the Squishy Jelly Watch Treasure, Clotted Cream Cookie's ability cooldown should decrease to a point where it's not only useable more often, but out early enough in PVP to block teams from setting up late-game sweeps.

The best Clotted Cream Cookie toppings are here.
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How Do I Get Clotted Cream Cookie?

Confused as to how to get Clotted Cream Cookie? The game's first Super Epic character can be obtained through any available banner right now, but with a measly 0.03 percent chance of pulling them - and only a 0.175 percent chance of pulling Clotted Cream Cookie shards - it's certainly not the best approach.

Instead, you'll want to focus your efforts on the dedicated Clotted Cream Cookie gacha mechanic - the Consul's Brilliance.

Accessible either via the banner on the main kingdom page or through the events tab, this limited-time event boosts your odds of getting Clotted Cream Cookie all the way to 0.421 percent. Is that high? Not at all. Is it better than 0.175? Absolutely. And, better yet, there's a secondary system in place that guarantees you the pull.

You can't pull for this using your standard gacha crystals. Instead, it uses Consul's Emblems obtained by clearing daily and static For the Republic! missions that aren't too different to any other event mission.

If you don't pull Clotted Cream Cookie straight-up, you can get them automatically by collecting the nine Great House Crests in the gacha instead. They're available at a much higher rate, don't drop more than once, and, if you're just unlucky, will drop on every 21st pull.

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