Cookie Run: Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie Best Toppings Build

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April 14, 2022: With Cherry Blossom Cookie set to launch next week, this is your final warning to get as many Caramel Arrow Cookie promotions as you can before she leaves the Rate Up banner.

The rumours, leaks, and loading screen hints were true, and a brand-new Cookie has come to Cookie Run: Kingdom. This Caramel Arrow Cookie toppings build guide won't be massively useful until we test things properly, but there's no harm in sharing some speculative info.

Caramel Arrow Cookie arrives just a few weeks after Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie made their long-awaited debuts. And with Caramel Arrow Cookie sharing a spot on the same splash screen, it makes sense for them to come along to wrap up the current chapter cycle with a big sugary bow. Here's how we think you should build her.

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What Are the Best Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings?

Best Alternative Viable
Juicy Apple Jelly x5Juicy Apple Jelly x3, Bouncy Caramel x2Searing Raspberry x5

Right now, the best Caramel Arrow Cookie build involves a mix of Attack Speed and CRIT Chance. The power of her skill scales off Attack Speed, but it's possible to hit its cap with team buffs and treasures as well. By splitting Caramel Arrow Cookie toppings between speed and power, you'll hit that cap and then deal even higher damage if you get a lucky crit.

The last few cookies have benefitted from support stats in a major way. Rangers in other games tend to benefit from hitting hard, fast, or both, and while there is something to gain from grabbing medium bonuses from both CRIT and ATK SPD Caramel Arrow Cookie toppings, we suspect a full CRIT build will likely see higher returns in the shorter fights. For that, a full set of Juicy Apple Jelly toppings is likely the way to go. For boss battles, go with ATK SPD.

The Caramel Arrow Cookie toppings build focuses on attack-based stats.
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Is Caramel Arrow Cookie Good in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a solid damage option in Cookie Run: Kingdom, but she's a more specific battler than some of the more recent releases. Knowing her strengths and weaknesses can stop you from being disappointed if you invest in her for the wrong reasons.

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a heavy damage-dealing character. Though she's virtually immune during her skill, if she's blocked from using it in any way, she's little more than a waste of space.

Her powerful attack hits three targets over and over, pushing them back with hit strike and finishing them off with a powerful blow based on how many arrows she shot in that time.

She works well in quite a few PVP situations right now, but going against heavy crowd-control teams (which tend to be the norm) can never be recommended. And while she's great in Guild Battles, the dragon's reflect buff can cause her to basically kill herself. Bring a revive or a shield if that's your plan.

Across the board, though Caramel Arrow Cookie is worth using if you can easily promote and level her up. Her knockback in reliable, her immunity is consistent, and her damage output is through the roof. If you've been stuck against any big bosses in the story, she'll likely get you through them.

How Does Caramel Arrow Cookie's Attack Work?

As time goes on, Cookie Run: Kingdom abilities are getting longer and more complex. Here's a breakdown of how the Caramel Arrow Cookie attack works.

Though Caramel Arrow Cookie is classed as a Front Ranged cookie, she actually spends most of her time on the back of the team. As soon as she uses her attack, she lunges to the back of your squad and fires shots at three targets based on her attack speed. Once the ability runs its course (watch her portrait) she returns to the front and deals one final burst of damage based on how many attacks she performed on the back row.

The more attacks you can get her to use on the back row, the more she'll hit for at the end. That's why Attack Speed toppings are a good choice. Even managing one more hit within that window will be a noticeable damage boost, so do what you can to squeeze more into that short gap.

What Role is Caramel Arrow Cookie?

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a Ranged Cookie that sits on the front of your team - until their ability knocks them to the back for a while. Once the skill runs its course, Caramel Arrow Cookie lunges back to the front of the squad. Keep that in mind.

What Rarity Is Caramel Arrow Cookie?

Taking over from the Affogato Cookie banner and squeezing in before the Ancient Dark Cacao banner ends, Caramel Arrow Cookie is an Epic rarity character. Save your crystals: this one is probably going to be good. Power creep lives on.

For more gacha goodness, though, Blue Archive codes are a good shout. And be sure to check the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list frequently. Keeping up with those can get you a free Caramel Arrow Cookie (or two) if you're lucky.

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