Will GTA 6 Be Set In Florida Or Vice City?

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GTA 6 has been on all of our minds lately, with the release of the next-generation consoles this year; fans are assuming we are getting another GTA title as well!

One of the most important factors in GTA is the location.

The city in which we will play in is massive for GTA fans and there's a possibility we will be heading to Florida or Vice City

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Vice City

One of the more notable GTA 6 rumours was a Reddit post, which has since been deleted, by a suspicious user.

Due to the deletion of the Reddit user's account, the post was also lost; but thankfully we saved all of the points.

It noted that the next GTA game has been in development since 2015 and its internal name is "Project Americas". The post also details that the story will take place over Vice City and a new fictional world, resembling Rio De Janeiro. 

It is unknown as of now if this rumour has any creditability at all; it's hard to say that it does, why would Rockstar recycle an old location? We will have to wait and see if this pans out to hold any truth!

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Moving onto one of the least talked about rumours for GTA 6. Although it has been rumoured for quite some time that Rockstar Games has an interest in using the whole state of Florida for a game; it never really picked up any ground.

That is until recently when notable Rockstar Games leaker @Yan2295. shared a letter a store in Florida received.

Detailed in the letter, was Rockstar Games asking permission to survey the store and the surrounding areas.

We are going to assume that they are doing this to pick out the best spot for vital scenes in their next game, should this be true!