GTA 6 Release: Missions That NEED To Make A Return In Grand Theft Auto 6

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Grand Theft Auto 6 has started to draw more and more rumors with each passing day, leaks are starting to pop up regarding Rockstar's new game. It's been almost 6 years since it's predecessor first released and we've yet to receive the first official piece of information for the game.

We recently wrote about all of the GTA 6 leaks and details that have been made public so far. We also took a trip down memory lane by exploring the features and cheats we would like to see a return in GTA 6. With another GTA game in the work there will for sure be an ample amount of missions, Rockstar Games' previous installment (GTA 5) had a record 69 missions in its main storyline; GTA 6 could see players grinding away at even more missions. With so many classic missions in GTA history, it got us thinking, what GTA 5 mission should return for GTA 6

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The Paleto Score

GTA 5 introduced perhaps the best mission style ever seen in GTA history, the heist mission style. Choosing to go in quiet or go in guns blazing, players would have the opportunity to choose their crew from top to bottom in preparation for a mission - rewarding them with ample amounts of money. 

The paleto score was one of the most thrilling heist missions, no matter which way you chose to initially break into the bank, there would be only one outcome. Madness. When the heist goes haywire, Trevor and the gang emerge from the bank in full body armor; Trevour is equipped with a minigun that has seemingly infinite ammo. The player's health bar for the mission is instead replaced with a money counter, the more you get shot the more money you lose - the mission encourages deadly but tactical carnage.

This heist was the ultimate GTA style mission, from Trevor destroying a tank, to the gang finally escaping with bucket loads of money, this one is an instant classic. If heists are reintroduced in GTA 6, a mission centered around this theme should be at the top of the list.

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Minor Turbulence

So if anyone even slightly remembers GTA 5’s main storyline, there is one main character that stands out above the rest - his name is Trevor Phillips. His style of missions throughout the story were perhaps the most unique and thrilling ones in recent memory, one in particular was almost like a movie.

Minor Turbulence’s origins honestly do not make any sense, but once you get into the meat of the mission, it is a wild one. Trevor is tasked with landing a bi-plane on the tailgate of a massive cargo jet. After landing on the jet, Trevor engages into a heated gunfight with the onboard crew. After doing so, a fighter jet shoots a missile into one of the engines, forcing Trevor to jump into one of the Jeep’s, in the cargo bay of the plane and drive out of the plane. Free falling above the whole map, Trevor then launches his parachute and lands as if nothing has happened; a truly epic moment and one for the books. If Rockstar introduces a character similar to Trevor in GTA 6, missions like this are a must for the next GTA title.

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Friend Request

GTA games often have players partake in missions that poke fun at the modern-day culture, friend Request is by far the most extreme example of this. In this mission, Michael is tasked with infiltrating ‘Life Invader’; a copy and paste cut of Facebook. There are so many jokes and subtle comments to spark humor throughout the mission, it also offers a change of pace to the 'all guns blazing’ missions. GTA is known for its style of humor, along with its carnage gameplay, so making fun of another company in GTA 6 seems like a must - perhaps we will see companies such as Amazon or Twitter be the next victim of GTA’s humor.

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The Big Score

The most captivating heist in all of GTA 5 is the accumulation of what the three protagonists have been aiming for the entire story. The Big Score offers a thrilling story, combat and even bits of humor throughout the mission; all ended with the feeling of “wow they did it”. Throughout the story, these three characters are put off the course of that ‘one big score’ one last time, so many times, through so many obstacles and the feeling once the mission is finally complete and your bank account is lifted up $20 million, is the best feeling the game has to offer. The Big Score was the ultimate feel-good yet rewarding heist for the long grueling hours the game had to offer and we want to experience that again in GTA 6.

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The Third Way

Franklin was once a random street thug and kid of Los Santos. Throughout the story of GTA 5, he forms a unique and touching bond with Michael and Trevor; leading up to this one final mission. Tasked with either killing Michael or Trevor, there is another option to end the story; one that makes perfect sense for him and the story of GTA 5. Having three main characters for any game is a daunting task, building bonds between them and the connections are essential to make the title a hit; Rockstar manages to captivate this perfectly. Should GTA 6 introduce multiple characters yet again, there would be immediate speculation surrounding another multiple choice end mission to conclude the main questline.

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