GTA 6 Release: Features We Want To See Return In Grand Theft Auto 6 - Location, Weapons, Multiplayer, Cars And More

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Grand Theft Auto 6 or GTA 6 for short is Rockstar Games flagship Open World RPG game for almost two decades now. With their latest installment, GTA 5, still one of the worlds most popular titles on Steam and Twitch, the rumours of Rock Stars next title are starting to kick into motion.

We wrote about the recent GTA 6 leaks and details that have been made public so far, but little official details have been confirmed at this point. With a rumored release date of 2021-2022, the excitement is already brewing, so what features do we want to see a return from in GTA 5? Locations, weapons, multiplayer, cars, there's lots to exlpore!

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A Colosso Size Map

GTA 5’s map was one of the best we have seen in video game history, Rockstar games have become synonymous for its massive map creations with things to do at nearly every location. With this in mind, the community will be up in arms if Rockstar does not deliver on this aspect. With rumours circulating that a combination of locations will be used, from Rio de Janeiro to Liberty City, this may be Rockstar's biggest creation yet.

Multiple Story Lines

In contrast to other GTA titles, this was the first time they introduced multiple main protagonists for the main story mode. With the option to control Michael, Franklin, and Trevor at any time and have different specific missions for each, this was a fan favorite feature from the game. Adding this option into GTA 6 would give fans the option to bond and experience multiple characters lives and see how they progress throughout the story.

Heist Selection

Another fresh feature that Rockstar introduced during GTA 5 were the heist story missions, where players could select the crew they wanted to use during a robbery mission - which would affect the outcome and cut each player would take at the conclusion of the mission. If heists are reintroduced into GTA 6, this seems like a must-have feature.

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HUGE Selection of Planes!

This was not a brand new feature that GTA 5 introduced, but what was unique was the ample amount of planes GTA 5 offered to the players. From military-grade Fighter Jets to full-size passenger planes, GTA 5 had it all. With the potential of two cities in GTA 6, this opens up a whole other avenue for area-specific planes for players to find and unlock throughout their adventure.

Car Customization

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love finding a supercar on the streets of Los Santos and decking it out with every modification Los Santos Customs has to offer. This was one of the best features GTA 5 had and with how heavily customization is relied upon in modern RPG games, it seems like a no brainer for Rockstar Games to continue this feature in GTA 6.


To this day Rockstar Games is still implementing new cosmetics and vehicles to GTA 5 Online. Although the mode is not their, it is still one played by many. From massive 16 player races, to four player heists with your friends, GTA Online offers a fresh game to many who have already conquered the main storyline; this should be another feature continued and reworked going into GTA 6.

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Beautiful Wildlife

Although the main story mode is centered around Blaine County’s metropolis city Los Santos, a large portion of the upper-half of the map is comprised of open fields. With these large regions comes multiple forms of animals, which have all been made to real life scale. With rumors of GTA 6 being in Rio de Janeiro, this could be an opportunity for Rockstar to add more wildlife; including some area-specific animals for players to take even more photos of during their story mode.

Side Missions

GTA 5 featured a total of 79 main story missions and a massive amount of side missions throughout Blaine County. From the quirky Stranger and Freaks missions, to the random encounters you could find just stumbling the streets of Los Santos, GTA 5 had a mission to always keep you occupied.

Weapons, Weapons and MORE Weapons

My god, this game had an uncomfortable amount of weapons. RPG’s, semi-automatic shotguns, assault rifles, this game had it all. By the end of the game, it was more of a challenge to decide what weapon to use than beating the main storyline. Do not be surprised if even more weapons are added into GTA 6, for all we know we could see a heat-seeking missile.

GTA Role Playing Mod

No Pixel gained popularity throughout the gaming world when popular streamers such as Summit1G and TimTheTatman dived into this mod for GTA 5. Although this is not an official feature of GTA 5, it will be a must-have feature to be implemented after GTA 6’s official launch.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91

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