GTA 6: Cars We NEED To See Return In Grand Theft Auto 6

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Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors are emerging more frequently, and it wont be long until we hear more details on the GTA 6 cars. Leaks are circulating about Rockstar's new game and since it has been almost six years since its predecessor first released, the time is ripe for Rockstar to finally let information slip about their next installment.

We recently wrote about all of the GTA 6 leaks and details that have been made public so far. We also took a trip down memory lane by exploring the features and cheats we would like to see a return in GTA 6.

With another GTA game in the work, there will for sure be an ample amount of cars for players to discover and test out in the story mode. It got us thinking, what cars NEED to make a return in GTA 6? 

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The Adder

One of the flagship supercars in GTA 5 since its initial release, the Adder is much like a Bugatti or some of the rarest cars in the world. With high side opening doors similar to a Lamborghini, it is one of the best performing and fastest cars in GTA 5 and also one of the rarest. 

Adding this flagship car back into GTA 6 would be an excellent feature, with the rumors of GTA 6 potentially being set in Brazil and other parts of America this would be the perfect choice to cruise along the side of a beach while reaching top speeds.

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The Caddy

Rock Star Games introduced a new unique set of minigames during the release of GTA 5, these minigames were centered around the idea that if players did not want to go all-in on a story mission they could simply just have some fun playing one of these. 

Introduced at the Los Santos gold course was the Caddy, which was GTA's take on a traditional golf cart. Come on let's be honest here, who doesn't love cruising down Los Santos in a tiny golf cart that cannot go faster then someone biking. A must-have for GTA 6 and one fans should be up in arms if it makes a return. 

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The Cheetah 

Another staple supercar in GTA 5, the Cheetah is perhaps the sleekest looking exotic supercar GTA has to offer. Featuring a super aerodynamic build and similar speeds and handling to the Adder, the Cheetah has also become a must-have car in every GTA players garage. 

The second most exotic supercar on this list is another must-have, as with the rumored locations of either Brazil and America, using these vehicles along the coast of these locations sounds like a GTA players dream. 

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The Police Buffalo 

As with any GTA game, there will always be police that at some point the player will be trying to escape their hot pursuit, moments like these are what GTA fans love and many enjoy the rush of a five-star bounty level. 

The Police Buffalo has been the staple of the police since GTA 5, this tank-like sedan can plow through any car and can also reach high speeds with its upgraded engine. With police pretty much guaranteed in GTA 5, another edition of the Police Buffalo is a must-have for GTA 6. 

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Rhino Tank

Did you really think we were not gonna include the most overpowered car in the game? The Rhino Tank is the military's pride and joy in GTA 5, equipped with a cannon that can destroy anything it sees it would be the most sought after car in GTA 5 for any player. 

Sneaking into the military base and stealing one of these beasts is one of the hardest things to do in GTA 5 but the reward is 100% worth it. Should a military base return at some point in GTA 6 having another tank seems like a must-have at this point. 

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