Best free action games for 2023

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Image of various Norse gods battling in Smite.

Ready to dive into some action? If so, we've got some picks for the best free action games to give you all the explosive set-pieces and fantastical powers your heart desires. If you like games that never let up with high-octane moments, then we'll run through a few titles that'll serve you well. Even better, all of these games are free to play, so you can dive into the fun without spending a penny.

In this list, we'll go over some of the very best action games that you can play free of charge. Ranging from vehicular combat to magical powers, all kinds of action games can be found within, so you'll definitely discover something to enjoy.

Here are the best free action games


Image of two Norse gods battling in Smite.
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First on our list is Smite, a hugely popular MOBA based on Norse mythology. Any MOBA fans will know what to expect from the gameplay, with top-down arena battles that are rather slow in pace but hugely tactical. The unique point behind Smite is the range of powers on offer, with classics like Thor and Loki all available. Whether you want to wield the flames of hell or lightning bolts from the sky, playing Smite will definitely make you feel like a god.

There's more than just that though because Smite often crosses over with huge licensed properties. You probably never expected that you could play as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alongside ancient gods, or even the Transformers, but Smite lets you do just that. With incredible powers at your fingertips and a deep, skill-based gameplay loop, Smite is packed with exciting action.


Image of the player opening a portal in Splitgate.
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Splitgate was one of the breakout action games of 2021 for very good reason. Never before had a first-person shooter melded portal-hopping traversal with snappy, Halo-inspired combat, but Splitgate manages to nail that balance. Matches go past very quickly, and you'll constantly need to think on your feet to avoid enemy gunfire or hop in portals to get the drop on your rivals.

FPS games are some of the most common within the free-to-play sphere, but Splitgate made itself stand out by being so unique with its gameplay. If other games within the genre have grown a little stale, then the rapid speed of Splitgate matches, and the precision of its combat and traversal, will have you hooked in no time. It's still in early access too, so Splitgate should only get better with time.

War Robots

Image of two robots fighting in War Robots.
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For something completely different to the other picks out there, look no further than War Robots. If you've ever seen the Robot Wars show, then you'll know what to expect: hand-crafted, remote-controlled robots knocking ten bells out of each other. While War Robots is a little more military-leaning than the iconic TV show, it's more than enough to appeal to some nostalgia.

Action is at the forefront of War Robots, with a vast range of customisation options to let you personalise your fighter. Matches themselves are laced with adrenaline too, and you'll barely have a moment where you aren't in combat. With tactical, conquest-based game modes and a constantly evolving meta, War Robots is a far deeper game than you may assume at first glance.

World of Tanks

Image of a tank battle resulting in victory in World of Tanks.
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World of Tanks is another vehicular combat game, but one that's been running for a very long time. Initially launching back in 2010, it's been free to play since day one, meaning there's a dedicated fanbase at its core. Even twelve years after its launch, the action and fun in World of Tanks never seems to cease.

The game prides itself on realism, with tanks modelled on real-life vehicles, as well as customisation that changes both the visuals and performance of your chosen tank. Once you're ready to take it into battle, you'll be thrown head-first into 15v15 skirmishes, with modes ranging from your standard deathmatch to more traditional objective-based battles. World of Tanks has remained popular for a reason, and the vehicular action isn't going anywhere yet.

Dark Orbit

Image of two starships duelling in Dark Orbit.
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If you've ever wanted to commandeer your own spaceship and dive into intergalactic battle, then Dark Orbit is definitely for you. You take the reins of a fighter with the galaxy on its hinges, as a fleet of evil alien forces looks set to tear the Earth apart. But more than that, rival factions of human forces are also vying for control of this dystopian world, so you need to choose which side to fight for.

In terms of gameplay, Dark Orbit is a top-down twin-stick shooter that sees you manoeuvre your ship towards enemy fleets, blasting them once the window of opportunity emerges. It may not be as tactically complex or visually breathtaking as more recent sci-fi action games, but having released in 2006, it's still remarkably engaging to this day.


Image of three soldiers aiming rifles in Enlisted.
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Last on our list for now is a more traditional first-person shooter, taking place during some of the key battles of the Second World War. Less like Call of Duty and more like Hell Let Loose, Enlisted places an emphasis on co-op tactics and precise gunplay, meaning it may not be hugely fast-paced but is more engaging and demanding than your average shooter.

Even more impressive is how good the game looks, running perfectly on next-gen consoles with impressive graphical fidelity. If the more arcadey style of Warzone or Apex Legends has left you wanting something a bit more complex and slow-paced, then Enlisted will do the trick. If not, its wackier battle royale spin-off, CRSED F.O.A.D., takes its established mechanics and ramps the silliness up to eleven.

That's it for now for our list of the very best free action games! Be sure to check back soon because we'll be adding new entries all the time to ensure you've always got something new to play. In the meantime, feel free to browse our list of the best free war games for even more military fun.

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