Starfield fans hope it features an Oblivion-style arena

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A Starfield NPC alongside some weapons from Oblivion.
Credit: Bethesda.

For those who’ve invested thousands of hours into the likes of Skyrim and Fallout 4, the release of Starfield, which is now pencilled in for September 6, can’t come soon enough.

Regardless of what you want to see from the next showcase of Bethesda's venture into space or how many interstellar mods you plan to install once it arrives, the idea of being able to delve into a freshly curated game has RPG lovers of all stripes intrigued.

Currently, a few of the fans who’ve spent the last few months speculating and worrying about the seemingly sex-free game are discussing how they’d like it to bring back a beloved feature from a classic Elder Scrolls game.

Are you planning on searching Starfield’s planets for a fighting pit to become champion of?

Their greed for gladiatorial glory is the subject of a recent thread on the Starfield subreddit, which began with a post from user SnipSnopWobbleTop, who kicked things off by revealing: “I've been replaying Oblivion for the first time in about ten years over the last couple days, and one thing struck me as something I wish to see return in a BGS game, hopefully starting with Starfield. I want an arena.”

A number of their fellow spacers shared their stated desire to “bare knuckle box dudes in space for cash”, though they acknowledged that simply copy and pasting Oblivion’s colosseum into space without making any innovative changes wouldn’t be ideal.

For example, user StarfieldFollower pointed out: “You're more likely to get (a) Thunderdome on some remote pirate outpost.” and Autarch_Kade suggested: “An arena would be fine. A zero gravity arena would be great.”

Meanwhile, some would-be astronauts weren’t as interested in the potential of battling within such a location as they were in its potential to allow them to gamble away their hard-earned money.

Thankfully, though, others were more interested in the friendships they might forge through competing in the arena, with one user saying: “As long as we get an aurora'd out adoring fan as well.” and Sir-Cellophane adding: “I want an Adoring Fan just so I can airlock him, finally achieving the catharsis that Oblivion denied me.”

The thread on the Starfield subreddit.
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If the peeks at the game we’ve seen so far are any indication, while these fans might not receive the fighting pit they crave, they definitely might get an adoring fan to mistreat, thanks to a trait called ‘Hero Worshipped’.

Regardless of whether you plan to wander the galaxy alongside a peculiar fellow who keeps asking you if you want a backrub, make sure to follow us for lots of guides to Starfield’s world and mechanics.

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