Starfield factions guide - Full list so far

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The table with a cup in Starfield.

One of the most sensational leaks about the newest release in recent months is Starfield factions. Even though Bethesda tries to keep information about Starfield hidden, there are many details we already know about tribes and groups in the game.

In this guide, you will find out the full list of factions confirmed so far in Starfield. Moreover, there will be a detailed description of every faction. So, you can start choosing which group to join, even from now.

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What are factions in Starfield?

Starfield factions will be similar to Skyrim’s quest line system. Also, the Lead Quest Designer, Will Shen, commented that factions will work differently compared to Fallout 4.

As the developer says, you will be able to complete unique faction quests, getting pretty good rewards from each mission. Even though your participation significantly stimulates the growth of the faction, it is impossible to become the leader and control the specific group like in Skyrim. But Will Shen said that every action will have “far-reaching consequences,” meaning that you need to think carefully before choosing your favorite faction and completing missions.

The character sat in a spaceship in Starfield.
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Why are Starfield factions important?

The main reason for the importance of Starfield factions is that they significantly diversify the gameplay. Factions are the perfect addition to the central storyline in Starfield. Even though factions do not directly affect the central story in the game, they significantly impact the main character and the side quests you'll get to enjoy.

Starfield factions list

Factions are probably one of Starfield’s most revealed aspects. So far, there are confirmed six unique factions that will be available at the release of the game. But you should keep in mind that this list is likely to be expanded in the future. Below, you can find the list of all factions available in Starfield as of today:

  • Constellation
  • The United Colonies
  • The Freestar Collective
  • Crimson Fleet
  • Xenofresh Corporation
  • Ryujin Industries


Constellation is the first faction publicly revealed. It is an exploration organisation aimed at unlocking all mysteries of the galaxy in Starfield. At first glance, it might seem that the Constellation is similar to NASA and SpaceX. This organisation shares the same ideas, and its creators dedicated their lives to exploring space.

Currently, there are four confirmed members of Constellation: Barret, Sarah, Spacefarer, and Vasco. Moreover, Vasco is one of the NPCs that will always come in handy if you can not complete a mission or puzzle while playing Starfield.

The United Colonies

The United Colonies is the most influential faction in Starfield. The UN represents the first powerful government in the Settled Systems. The capital city of the United Colonies is New Atlantis, which is located on the planet Jemison. The main feature of the UN is its strong political and military power, allowing this faction to dominate in outer space.

Will Shen, the leading designer of the company, named The United Colonies “The Future of Space Republic Idealised.” However, we will find out whether it is so or not only after the official release of the game.

The Freestar Collective

The Freestar Collective is the second central government in Settled Systems with a capital in Akila, one of Starfield’s most protected cities. The Freestar Collective is a confederation and is the primary opponent of The United Colonies in politics and the military battlefield. The members of The Freestar Collective highly appreciate personal freedom and individuality. They are ready to fight for their ideas with guns.

Crimson Fleet

Even though the Crimson Fleet is not so influential, it is one of the worst factions in Starfield. Crimson Fleet is an anarchist group that does not have any allies. This faction is a loose confederation that controls Cheyenne, Lunara, Narion, and Sagan, territories of The United Colonies and The Freestar Collective before 2330. The main feature of Crimson Fleet is that every member of this faction uses the Jolly Roger weapon, and the only way to get out from Crimson Fleet is to pass away.

Xenofresh Corporation

Xenofresh Corporation is a faction of hippies in Starfield. The faction does not have a significant political or military influence. First, it was a company focused on catching fish. But after discovering the psychotropic properties of the fish, Xenodresh Corporation started to prepare Aurora drugs using it. It brought the company significant popularity and a lot of money to expand Neon city.

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries seems to be more like a corporation, not a faction. Even the design director, Emil Pagilarulo, comments on Ryujin Industries being like a megacorp. You can apply for a job and get hired to become a part of Ryujin Industries. But officially, it is the sixth corporation in Starfield. Unfortunately, Ryujin Industries is the most unrevealed faction in Starfield. So, it is impossible to talk more about specific aspects of this corporation.

That’s it for all the factions we know about so far in Starfield. As the Starfield world will be the biggest open world created by Bethesda, it is possible that new factions will appear in the game with every update or DLC. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free war games.

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