How to Wall Jump in Apex Legends

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Wall Jumping in Apex Legends is one of the more straightforward tricks to learn in Respawn's battle royale. Despite the easy learning curve, training yourself to use it in proper combat scenarios is something which is difficult.

This isn't a controversial mechanic that could potentially break the game or give you an unfair advantage, as was the issue with tap strafing. Wall jumping can help you move faster and possibly gain a competitive edge over your opponents, and anyone, console or PC player, can pull it off.

Here's how you do a wall jump in Apex Legends.

How to Wall Jump in Apex Legends

Wall jumping in Apex Legends only requires a few basic steps. All you need to do is run towards a wall. Just when you're about the reach the wall, drop into a slide.

Just as you strike the wall with your slide, jump on it. Once you've jumped on the wall, turn around and jump again. That's all it takes, though it's often easier to transition into the turn if you also strafe after first jumping. Learning a technique while reading text can be slightly difficult. The video below, courtesy of Fingle, breaks it down with visuals if you need to see it in action.

Mastering this technique will help you get a jump on your enemies by moving quicker. Wall jumping in Apex Legends is sort of a fake-out move. Your enemy expects you to do one thing or, presumably, to climb up the wall. Instead, you get more height than usual from a jump and potentially even land behind them or in another advantageous spot to score a kill.

Of course, your foes can do it too, which is worth keeping in mind when you see a target run up to a wall.

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