Apex Legends Players Are Loving Newcastle’s Animations

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A promo image of Newcastle in Apex Legends.

With yesterday’s launch of Apex Legends Season 13, many players are flocking back to the battle royale to sample all of the latest content and changes.

One of the update’s biggest headlines has been a new legend in the form of Newcastle, who, having already had his abilities thoroughly analysed, is now garnering praise for his animations.

Two in particular have gotten a big thumbs up from Reddit, for different but equally wholesome reasons.

Apex Legends Players Enjoy Newcastle’s Animations

The first involves an established legend players know and love in Bangalore, who happens to be Newcastle’s sister in the game’s lore.

So, naturally, the siblings now have a lobby interaction, in which Bangalore pops by to briefly pose beside Newcastle, before gently mocking him and leaving.

Apex players seem to like this little bit of sass, with user okoyes_wig saying: “roast of the century and she didn’t say a single word” and lipengdhjksc26 adding that they appreciated the quality of the motion capture used to create the animation.

A Respawn artist, user moyparra, popped by the thread to say they were glad to see players enjoying the “little sibling roast”, adding: “it was really fun working on Newcastle”.

Beyond this, user Havokz06 sarcastically commented: “this was 30gb of the update”, to which another user responded that if this was actually the case, the animation would still be worth it.

Meanwhile, another of Newcastle’s animations got some love in another thread, this time because of its relatability, as it shows the legend expressing disappointment at the size of his belly.

User Rickirontran pointed out that this is something that a lot of men can relate to, especially when they’ve been “going too hard on the donuts”, while dai-the-flu said: “I love Jackson so much. His chub is adorable and he calls everyone ‘buster’. He's such a dad.”

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