Apex Legends Rampart Town Takeover and Evolution Collection Event

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As far as Apex Legends events go, we haven't had any for a little while. Season 9 was a bit barren thanks to the advent of Arenas mode, and players were worried that Season 10's addition of ranked Arenas would see it suffer a similar fate.

Luckily, we won't be waiting until Apex Legends Season 11 for our next event, as Apex Legends' Rampart Town Takeover is on its way. Everyone's favourite mechanic will be taking over an area of World's Edge for the duration of the event, which will also include the usual prize trackers, exclusive cosmetics, and other rewards.

What we know so far is from datamines, so take it with a pinch of salt as things in the game files can change at any moment. However, GarretLeaks has a history of being correct. We'll update this guide as soon as we get any official announcement from developer Respawn, so check back to hear the latest news about Rampart's Town Takeover.

When Is the Rampart Town Takeover and Evolution Collection Event Start Date?

The Rampart Town Takeover starts September 14. The takeover will take place in Lava City on Apex Legends' World's Edge map.

Instead of changing the area as is usually the case in Town Takeovers, Rampart has a new, mobile workshop that will be crawling around the area. Named Big Maude, the hulking behemoth of a tank will host Rampart's shop, where you'll be able to buy items to help you in your games. Rampart will also be taking over Arenas, which you can read more about below.

For now, here's the trailer:

Rampart Town Takeover Teasers

There will be teasers appearing in World's Edge. The teasers will all be around Lava City, in the south of the map. Here's when you can find the teasers:

  • September 5
  • September 7
  • September 10

UPDATE: The first teaser is now live! You can find the first sign here, to the north of Lava City:

A map of Apex Legends' World's Edge with an arrow in the south east pointing to the location of the first Rampart Town Takeover teaser.
click to enlarge

This teaser is just a sign, the same one that you see in the loading screen, but it offers you some information about the Town Takeover if you hadn't seen the datamines.

The second teaser is also now live. It sees Rampart shaking her head while looking up at the sign. You can see this in the new animated loading screen or near Lava City.

Two graffitied signs showing Rampart's new workshop, Big Maude, will be coming to The Dome.
click to enlarge

Rampart Special Hop-Up

One of the purchases available in Rampart's workshop on Big Maude is Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapons. Use Materials to grab these fully kitted weapons at different rarities, and head to the next door paintball range to splash a bit of colour over World's Edge.

Rampart's wrench heirloom against a black background.
click to enlarge

Rampart Town Takeover New Heirloom

As well as getting a buff that might just take her off the bottom of our Apex Legends tier list (it looks like she can take Sheila off her mount now) it looks like Rampart is getting an heirloom in this collection event, too. Check out the patch notes for the buffs, because we're here for the cosmetics.

Her heirloom looks like a spanner or wrench (I'm a writer, not an engineer) combined with a bubblegum dispenser, and will be available by completing the Evolution Collection Event.

The Arenas buy screen with weapons and prices.
click to enlarge

Rampart Town Takeover Arenas

Rampart will take over as the announcer in Arenas, as well as offer modded weapons and special discounts at random.

Evolution Collection Event Skins and Cosmetics

The Rampart Town Takeover comes as a part of a Collection Event. Here's the full prize track:

A prize tracker signaling rewards when you reach certain points thresholds.
click to enlarge

You will have to buy most of the skins using Apex Coins, the game's premium currency, but a few are available as a part of the prize track.

Here's what will be available in the shop:

Skins and other cosmetics next to their costs to purchase in a black menu screen.
click to enlarge

The skins in the Evolution Collection Event have a theme of what Legends would look like with superior technology on their side. Pathfinder's had a futuristic upgrade and Fuse looks like The Terminator if Arnie grew a moustache. You can check out all the skins on the EA blog, or some screenshots from the trailer below:

Fuse powerfully strumming a guitar in front of a wall of flames with Lifeline and Bangalore either side.
click to enlarge
Octane, Lifeline, and Bangalore hit adrenaline-fueled poses in front of Rampart's Big Maude land cruiser.
click to enlarge
Pathfinder, Wraith, and Rampart showcase new robotic skins.
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Thanks to Shrugtal for capturing these images.

That's everything we know about Rampart's Town Takeover and Evolution Collection Event.

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