Apex Legends: How To Get Legend Tokens And Unlock All Legends

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Apex Legends Mirage Loba and Octane taking a selfie in Kings Canyon. They are all wearing red-themed skins.

Respawn has created a brilliant roster in Apex Legends with diverse characters, from design to playstyle. Understanding how each currency works and how to get new things can be a little overwhelming if you're new to the game. We're going to show you how to get Legend Tokens and how to use them to Unlock all of the Legends.

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How To Get Legend Tokens

What Are Legend Tokens?

Legend Tokens are a free currency in Apex Legends that can be used to redeem unlockable Legends and cosmetic options in the store. Unlocking a new Legend will set you back 12,000 tokens, so you'll spend plenty of time earning them.

How To Get Legend Tokens

It's simple – just play the game. After you've hit level 4, you'll be able to earn 600 of the Legend Tokens by levelling up. We've written a guide to show you how to level up the battle pass quickly and it will help you gain Legend Tokens too.

Screenshot showing what legend tokens are, circled in red.
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How To Unlock All Legends

Unlocking legends is super easy! Head to the Legends tab on the home screen and you'll see all of the legends. The ones that are greyed out are locked and the ones in full colour are the ones that you have unlocked already. To unlock a Legend just click the portrait. You'll have a choice of which in-game currency that you want to use to "buy" (unlock) the Legend. You can choose from Legend Tokens or Legend Coins. If you have enough of your chosen currency, select it and you will purchase your Legend.

Knowing how to get Legend Tokens is a valuable piece of information as new characters are frequently added to the Apex Legends roster. Once you have your desired Legend you can customise their look. You can find out how to in our how to get skins guide. You can also take a look at our guide on what an Heirloom is and how to get one to further upgrade your Legend.

Updated January 4th, 2022 by Marie Pritchard.

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