There's a NieR Reincarnation Livestream Happening in Just a Few Hours

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Right off the bat of the NieR Reincarnation release date news, Square Enix is readying up to announce some more details about the game. A livestream is currently scheduled to go live at 12 PM BST (or 8 PM in Japan) over on the Square Enix YouTube channel. Here's how to watch, who, and what to expect.

Simply titled "Nier Reincarnation Official Live Broadcast # 3", it's not the most revealing of names, but the English description at least tells us who is expected to be there.

How to Watch the Latest NieR Reincarnation Livestream - June 19, 2021

To watch the June 2021 Nier Reincarnation livestream event, just tap the YouTube video above at or around 12 PM BST, June 29. After the event ends, the video will hopefully be available on demand.

Will Yoko Taro Appear During the NieR Reincarnation Livestream #3?

A large part of the guest list will revolve around the game's voice cast; Yumi Hara as Mama, Ayaka Fukuhara as Frenlyse, and Yukuna as Noel. The former will act as the show's MC, potentially welcoming NieR series producer Yosuke Saito and NeiR Reincarnation director Daichi Maksukawa.

Judging off the relatively transparent video description, Yoko Taro will not be making an appearance. Though he could always be a surprise guest.

What Will Be Announced During the June 2021 NieR Reincarnation Livestream?

While no part of the video listing reveals exactly what's set to be announced beyond "the latest information", it does note that it's the first live broadcast for over three months and that staff and guests will be adhering to social distancing guidelines. So if you see any big perspex screens, that's probably why.

If you can't watch the show yourself, check back here to see what was announced later in the day. There's a good chance it'll feature updates to the story content we haven't been able to experience yet due to the game not being released in the West, but it could also make some changes that'll affect how we play the game when it does release.

The broadcast will likely be archived on the Square Enix YouTube channel as well. As for whether it'll feature live translations or at least translated feature slideshows, the English video description would suggest some form of translation will be in place, but we can't confirm that right now.

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