Hunt Showdown 2 - News and what we'd love to see

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The player stood under a dark bridge in Hunt Showdown.

Hunt Showdown 2 news appears very frequently among fans, even though most of it ends up as rumours. After the successful release of the Crysis games, Hunt Showdown was one of the most anticipated titles of 2018. The release didn't meet all expectations, but the game has got plenty of fans who play the game regularly.

Read this guide, and you will find out the latest Hunt Showdown 2 news and what we’d love to see in the game. Also, there will be exciting rumours and subjective opinion about a possible sequel for Hunt Showdown.

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The player character holding a mace in Hunt Showdown.
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Hunt Showdown 2 latest news

Crytek does not like to speak much about its plans and upcoming video games. The release of Hunt Showdown 2 is no exception. Even though the sequel is widely requested in the gaming community, the developers have yet to say anything official.

The first and main reason is that developers nowadays are working on Crysis 4, which was announced in January 2022. Most of the developers are working on the new Crysis game, and they simply have no more time to develop Hunt Showdown 2.

Another important thing you should know is that in 2016, Crytek shut down five studios across the world, remaining only in Kyiv and Frankfurt, where the company's headquarters is located. Unfortunately, most developers who worked in Kyiv were temporarily or permanently forced to give up working on Crysis 4 due to the war in Ukraine.

It significantly decreased the development capabilities of Crytek, forcing the developers to find alternatives to continue working on the game. As a result, 2022 for Crytek was a year without valuable announcements. They slowly worked on Crysis 4, trying to release such an anticipated sequel as fast as possible.

Hunt Showdown gameplay.
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Once the situation stabilises and all the developers can work to a schedule, there is a high chance that there will be an announcement about Hunt Showdown 2.

As Crysis 4 was at the beginning of its development stages a year ago, we should not expect that game to be released any sooner than in the last quarter of 2024. Also, at least six months are required to release all patches and necessary post-release support for Crysis 4. So there is no point in expecting official news on Hunt Showdown 2 any sooner than the second part of 2025.

Talking about a particular release date, you should consider that Hunt Showdown is not an extremely expansive video game. Therefore, even two years should be enough for the developers to finish the this game and release it on PC, meaning that the earliest release date for the project is 2027. Also, keep in mind that releasing the game on consoles might take a year after the release of the game on PC, just like it was with Hunt Showdown.

The player holding a shotgun in Hunt Showdown.
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Five things we want to see in Hunt Showdown 2

Even though Hunt Showdown 2 is unlikely to get an official release soon, gamers are still creating exciting ideas for the sequel. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out the top five things people want to see in Hunt Showdown 2.

Better optimisation

One of the central problems in Hunt Showdown is its poor optimisation. Even if you use the newest PC, you can face FPS drops, minor bugs, and glitches while playing the game. In Hunt Showdown 2, most people want to see all these issues fixed. It would not only significantly improve the in-game experience but also make the game more popular.


Trading is controversial but extremely frequently asked for in Hunt Showdown 2. The main purpose of trading is to allow players to sell looted resources for Hunt Dollars. Also, the developers can put strict limitations if they don't want to make trading break the game.

More modernism

If you are interested in Hunt Showdown, you probably know that it takes place in the 19th century. Even though it gives the game a unique atmosphere, many people want to see Hunt Showdown in modern style, covering WW2 or other important periods in the world’s history.

Rebalanced perks

New perks are frequently requested for Hunt Showdown 2. In addition to new perks, people also expect to get the old ones removed. It would significantly diversify the gameplay, making the game interesting for old players.

Graphic updates

Even though graphical improvements are not the main reason why people want to see Hunt Showdown 2, it is always on the list of the highly expected things people want to see in a game. Generally, the best option to update the game graphics is to release Hunt Showdown 2 using Unreal Engine 5.

That’s it for our look at the release of Hunt Showdown 2. As you can see, developers planned to release Crysis 4 at the beginning of 2022, but the situation in the world didn’t let it happen. While you are still here, make sure to check our list the best free simulation games.

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