Crytek Outline Plans For Hunt: Showdown's Future Updates

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Crytek's found themselves a winner with Hunt: Showdown. Set in Louisiana in 1895, this first-person multiplayer shooter sees players assume the role of a bounty hunter, aiming to kill a mythical monster and reach an exfiltration point. Now, Crytek has outlined their future plans.

While we've known a new map was on its way, Crytek issued a new press release earlier today, offering fans these new details:

Following Hunt: Showdown’s “As The Crow Flies” live event,
which saw the game break its record for peak concurrent users, Crytek announced today that more content will expand the game soon. A new map will be included in a future game update, a much- requested expansion from the community, alongside a brand-new live event that will offer players the chance to unlock more rewards.

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Crytek Outline Plans For Hunt: Showdown's Future Updates

As part of this, they've also released a new "Dark Sight" trailer, which provides a glimpse at this new map and content, alongside "several easter eggs" for fans to spot. This all follows on from their previous "As The Crow Flies" event, and you can watch Dark Sight in full below.

Available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, we had great things to discuss about Hunt: Showdown earlier this month, saying "you will be hard-pressed to find another shooter that manages to get the blood pumping in quite the way Hunt: Showdown does". You can find our full review here, and we'll keep you informed with any further updates.

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