Saints Row 2022 - How to customize Saints HQ

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Saints Row - How to customize Saints HQ

If you're playing the game and looking to customize the Saints Row 2022 HQ, this is everything you should know. Although it initially seems pretty straightforward, there are a few ways to get everything you're looking for and a few ways to do it even quicker.

This will go over how to customize your HQ, how to get new furniture, and how to get enough money to invest in all those ventures. They are an important part of the game and a new way to get some extra funds so they are worth putting the time and money into.

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How to customize the Saints Row 2022 HQ

As you continue to play the game, you will found your own HQ at a church, taking up the Saints mantle. After doing so, you won't really have too much you can affect. This being said, you should do whatever ventures are available to you and continue to play through the missions.

how to customize the Saints Row 2022 HQ
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Eventually, you will go and find a cannon with Kev in the mission "OFFICE DÉCOR", giving you your first piece of furniture. Just go up to one of the many designated spaces around your HQ, pick the furniture you want to put there and accept.

How to find new furniture in Saints Row 2022

There are a handful of ways to find the furniture. Generally speaking, you can get almost every piece of furniture in the game via doing the missions and taking pictures of the objects throughout town.

From your phone's menu, find the "Collectibles" tab. There are four main sections these collectibles can be found in. There are:

  • 29 small objects
  • 47 medium objects
  • 23 large objects
  • 16 wall objects

If you find a particular piece you like, hover over it and it will tell how to unlock it. For the ones you have to take pictures of, you will find them around town, highlighted with a purple glow. Take out your camera and point it at them.

You will then be told if it is in the centre, too big or too small. Once it is perfect, take the photo and it will be automatically added to your collectibles. Go back to your HQ and put them in. It's worth noting that they will generally not be the actual size you have found them at. Some huge monuments are only small when placed.

How to make money in Saints Row 2022

To advance your HQ, you will need to start investing in your ventures. Doing so requires a hefty share of capital. Luckily, you can get money in so many different ways. As well as finding pallets and searching through bins, doing missions is one of the best ways of making money. After you start investing, you can take money out via the "Cash" app on your phone. After a while, this becomes the best way to make money.

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