Saints Row 2022 - How to fast travel

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Saints Row - How to fast travel

If you're finally playing the game for yourself, you may want to know how to fast travel in Saints Row. This is everything you need to know. Unlike other open-world games, Saints Row doesn't have too many fast travel locations. It really wants you to explore the city. This being said, you can unlock a few of them.

Here is how fast travel works and what you need to know to unlock it. Alongside this, we'll go over some traversal tips and how to accept and complete your missions.

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How to fast travel in Saints Row 2022

Fast travel is something that can be accessed from the map. You simply have to find the fast travel spot and click on it. Unfortunately, you won't have it available to you at the very start of the game because you have to access the locations first. This is an attempt by the game to force you to explore the map a little before you start skipping travel time.

Saints Row - How to fast travel
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Around the map, you will find small subway icons. Just go over to them from the menu and it will tell you the fast travel location you are looking for. Get out the camera app and take a photo of the fast travel spot to permanently unlock it for the future. You may have to walk around a bit and zoom out to get a picture that is the right size and centred.

It doesn't cost anything to use fast travel. You simply have to click where you want to go and you will go there. This is a slightly better experience on newer hardware due to light load times.

Some traversal tips

The entire world of Saints Row is designed to make you feel powerful. Even when you get caught stealing cars, you can just drive for a while and it becomes pretty easy to get away from other gangs. When getting around the city, tactically use your drift and boost to get around corners as soon as possible.

As well as this, don't be afraid to make your own paths and take any shortcuts that pop up. Fully explore the world and don't be afraid to take a ramp into a new area. If you're quick enough, you can make your way around the map without an issue. Though fast travel is always available to you, try and take on the world without it at the start, to discover all the side activities you can.

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