Saints Row 2022 voice actors and cast

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Saints Row voice actors and cast
August 22, 2022: Saints Row is out now. Here's our review.

The Saints Row voice actors are surprisingly varied in their talents. If you recognise those voices and don't know where from, this is everything you need to know. As so much of the game's vocal talent is put towards voicing the boss, there's quite a lot going on.

In this, we go over the voices and some of the work those actors are known for. Saints Row is a pretty huge game but the majority of your time with it will be spent with just a handful of characters. You will want to get familiar with all those voices, especially before you customize your character.

If you're looking into the game and want to know all about the Saints Row release date or Saints Row crossplay details, this is what you should know. As well as this, you can check out our Saints Row preview right here.

Saints Row 2022 voice actors and cast

Saints Row has a pretty big cast but most of the game's talent has been used on the boss' many voices and his crew.

Character Voice Actor
Max MittelmanBoss Voice 1
Erica LindbeckBoss Voice 2
Catero ColbertBoss Voice 3
Bryce CharlesBoss Voice 4
Antony Del RioBoss Voice 5
Emily O'BrienBoss Voice 6
Adam Michael GoldBoss Voice 7
Rachel ButeraBoss Voice 8
Jeannie TiradoNeenah
Greg ChunKevin
Eugen ByrdEli
David De SantosMiguel Hidalgo

Max Mittelman

Playing the first boss voice, Max Mittelman has tonnes of great work in his repertoire like Saitama in One Punch Man and Ryuji Sakamoto in Persona 5.

Saints Row voice actors and cast
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If you want to check out his IMDB, here it is.

Erica Lindbeck

Voicing Boss Voice 2, Erica Lindbeck is known for playing Black Cat in the Spider-Man game, Mera in DC Super Hero Girls, and Delaryn in World of Warcraft.

If you think you know her from somewhere else, here is her IMDB.

Catero Colbert

Catero Colbert plays the voice of Boss Voice 3. Although he has slightly less in his lineup than the last two, there's still plenty you may know. If you recognise him, it's likely as the role of Coldcast in Superman Vs The Elite or as Darui, Araya or Killer Bee in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Saints Row voice actors and cast
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You can see his IMDB here.

Bryce Charles

Boss Voice 4 is played by Bryce Charles, who played Marlow in Tales of the City, Hazel in Atypical, and Crystal in Black-ish. Although she hasn't been in too many things, she still has a seriously impressive portfolio.

You can check out her IMDB here.

Antony Del Rio

Antony Del Rio, who plays Boss Voice 5, is known for the voice of Pit in Kid Icarus, Blue Beetle in Injustice and Chico in Metal Gear Solid.

Saints Row voice actors and cast
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Here's his IMDB.

Emily O'Brien

Having tonnes of impressive work in her portfolio, Emily O'Brien plays the role of Boss Voice 6. As well as this role, she played Eve in Love, Death & Robots, Gamora in the Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy game, and Amelie in Death Stranding.

If you recognise her from somewhere else, here's her work.

Adam Michael Gold

Adam Michael Gold plays the role of Boss Voice 7. He played Ethan in Battlefield 2025, Firebreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Jim Lockhart in Vermijo.

Saints Row voice actors and cast
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Here's his IMDB.

Rachel Butera

Finishing out the boss voices, Rachel Butera plays Boss Voice 8. As well as this, she played a handful of extra voices in Star Wars Episode VIII and The Boss Baby. She also played Kraang Prime in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2015).

If you think you know her, here's her IMDB.

Jeannie Tirado

Jeannie Tirado plays the role of Neenah. If you recognise that voice, she has hundreds of roles in her portfolio. You may recognise her as Principal Arroyo in Soul, Takako in Orange, and Pan in Dragon Ball Super.

Here's a list of all her work.

Greg Chun

Kevin is played by Greg Chun. If you recognise him, it's probably as Gi-Hun in Squid Game, Takayuki Yagami, or Ike in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

If you want to see one of the other 200 roles he has played, here's his IMDB.

Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd is a little more well-known for live-action work. As well as playing Eli, he played Wink in 8 Mile, Rizzo in Sleepers and Johny Pickett in Dead Man.

You can see his IMDB here.

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