Sonic Rangers Image And Details Leak Online From Former Playtester

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A number of Sonic Rangers details have leaked online revealing some of the first details about the anticipated Sonic game, with a screenshot accompanying it.

Before we get stuck into this leak we need to pre-empt this by saying the leak comes from 4Chan which isn't the most reliable of sources and can have false information.

However, the included image and information does add credibility to what has been said about the game so far and does appear to be legitimate.

Anyway, the game is reportedly a open-world adventure, kind of like the Bowser's Fury expansion for Super Mario 3D World earlier this year.

In the landscape you are in, new islands unlock as you progress and go through the game, with each main island having a Chaos Emerald tied to it. Once you get the Chaos Emerald, presumably from more traditional 2D Courses the open-world area connected to that Chaos Emerald is unlocked.

The seven islands connected to the Chaos Emerald give Sonic new powers which are on a cooldown. One gave Sonic a shield, while the other made him invulnerable to fire.

The game will also have boost stages, where Sonic must run at an immense speed and leap into a portal. Sonic's appearance could also be changed.

When it comes to the story, not much was revealed and in fact a lot of the supporting cast of characters weren't present, except for Tails who had been kidnapped.

As for if this leak is real or not it isn't clear, but all the information here sounds perfectly plausible and also leans into the new style of game that Sonic Team have been saying this title will be for a while now.

The game is aiming to lay the foundation for the future of the Sonic franchise, so an open world makes sense. Anyway, we will have to wait until we see more to get a proper idea of just what Sonic Rangers is.

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