Best Modern Warfare 2 SMG (Season 3)

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Image showing Ghost holding Modern Warfare SMG
Credit: Activision
April 25, 2023: Selecting the best MW2 SMG is hugely important in multiplayer. Find the best ones to use in our tier list ranking the entire weapon category from best to worst.

Submachine guns (SMG) often feature in the multiplayer meta thanks to their incredible rate of fire and high levels of mobility. Thanks to these simple characteristics, SMGs excel in close-range engagements and with a solid attachment combination, they're capable of dealing damage at longer distances.

Modern Warfare 2 is out now and the attention of players always focuses on the best submachine gun (SMG) to use in close-range combat and mid-range engagements.

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What is the best Modern Warfare 2 SMG?

The Lachmann Sub continues to lead the charge at the top of the SMG category thanks to its incredible firepower and mobility.

Packed with incredible damage output and high mobility, the SMG is perfect for those that love to run and gun in a match. Close behind are the VEL 46 and the Vaznev 9k which are also proving popular.

Modern Warfare 2 SMG tier list

S Tier Lachmann Sub Vaznev 9k VEL 46
A Tier FSS Hurricane PDSW 528 Fennec 45 BAS-P
B TierMX9 Minibak

With Season Two well underway, the meta continues to evolve and despite numerous buffs and nerfs, the Lachmann Sub currently leads the way along with the VEL 46 and the Vaznev 9k.

In A tier is the FSS Hurricane. Thanks to the Gunsmith, many are building this SMG into an SMG/AR hybrid. While it improves versatility and mid-range performance, its close-range performance is nowhere near as good as the Lachmann Sub.

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Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players moving through dark room
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Credit: Activision

How many SMGs are in Modern Warfare 2?

There are a total of nine SMGs to use in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Each of them has a range of characteristics to suit your style of play perfectly. There's every chance Infinity Ward add new SMGs as the cycle progresses and as soon as they do, we'll update the guide so you know how it compares against the rest of the category.

Modern Warfare 2 Season Three release date

Season Two is nearing its end, meaning attention is slowly turning towards the launch of Season Three. Judging by the battle pass countdown timer, the next seasonal update will launch on April 12.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 SMG. While we wait for new additions, check out our guides showcasing all the latest intel on Modern Warfare 2 double XP events and the best ranked play loadouts.

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