Apex Legends Ranked: Season 16

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Image showing Apex Legend player holding gun
Credit: Respawn Entertainment
April 13, 2023: The second ranked split of season 16 is well underway. Scroll down for all the intel.

If you think you’re ready to challenge the best Apex players out there in a battle of skill, game knowledge, and straight-shooting, then public lobbies might not be doing it for you. For a more competitive experience in Season 16, however, you can jump into Apex Legends’ ranked mode. 

Climbing the Apex Legends ranks is easier said than done, however, and if you want to become an Apex Predator, you’ll need to put in the hours. But the rewards are great. Entirely cosmetic, of course, but great nonetheless. We've noticed some leaks about rewards for Season 9 that we’ve covered down below, but you’re best off keeping up to date with the latest Apex Legends patch notes for official confirmation.

Apex Legends’ ranked mode follows the same seasons as the regular game, so you’ve got a limited time to make your mark in the battle royale. The highly competitive mode is considered the pinnacle of Apex Legends gameplay – excluding esports like the Apex Legends Global Series, that is – so achieving a high rank is a mark of honour in the community.

That said, it can be a little confusing at first, so we’ve broken it down for anyone who’s new to the mode, or if you want to check what’s changed in a new ranked season. If you're interested in the Apex Legends Arenas’ ranked mode, check out our other guide as this one covers the regular, battle royale, ranks.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Ranked Season 10:

Apex Legends Ranked tiers

When you first get started in Apex Legends’ ranked mode, you’ll be placed in Bronze. As you get more kills and win more matches, you’ll earn RP (more on that later). After reaching a certain amount of RP, you’ll progress to the next rank up. It’s pretty simple:

Rank RP needed
Bronze1,000 RP
Silver3,000 RP
Gold5,400 RP
Platinum8,200 RP
Diamond11,400 RP
Master15,000 RP
Apex PredatorTop 750 players

It’s worth noting that the rules slightly change when you reach the highest level of play. Once you’ve reached Master rank, you’ll keep gaining RP as usual until you hit the top 750 players of the game. You have achieved the coveted Apex Predator rank. From there, you are ranked by your position in this season’s ranks, from 750 to number one. 

There is a different Apex Predator for each console and PC. That means you'll be on a different leaderboard depending on your hardware of choice, and at the end of each season we have three different #1 Apex Predators.

Apex Legends Season 16 Ranked rewards

There’s more at stake than just pride, however. Every Apex Legends ranked season, players are given rewards based on how they performed. Last season’s rank rewards included some cute weapon charms, badges, and dive trails and it looks like more of the same for Season 16.

Apex Legends ranked Season 13 rewards
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Ranked scoring system (RP)

RP is your most valuable resource when climbing the Apex Legends ranks. To earn RP, you must finish in the top 13 of a ranked match. The higher you place, the more RP you get. However, this is multiplied by the number of kills and assists you get, up to a maximum of six, so make sure you aren’t just ratting your way to a good placement.

Here’s how much RP it costs to jump into a match in Apex Legends Ranked Season 15:


  • Division 4: 20 RP
  • Division 3: 23 RP
  • Division 2: 26 RP
  • Division 1: 29 RP


  • Division 4: 32 RP
  • Division 3: 35 RP
  • Division 2: 38 RP
  • Division 1: 41 RP


  • Division 4: 44 RP
  • Division 3: 47 RP
  • Division 2: 50 RP
  • Division 1: 53 RP


  • Division 4: 56 RP
  • Division 3: 59 RP
  • Division 2: 62 RP
  • Division 1: 65 RP


  • Division 4: 68 RP
  • Division 3: 71 RP
  • Division 2: 74 RP
  • Division 1: 77 RP


  • All Divisions: 82 RP

Master rank matches include an increased entry cost after every 1,000 RP over the rank threshold. This is limited to 175 RP per match

If you leave a game early, you’ll lose any RP you would have gained, and often also receive a penalty. If you regularly abandon matches, you may also be timed out of playing ranked matches. 

Apex Legends Ranked loss forgiveness

There is a loss forgiveness system in place to help you if you encounter connection troubles or disconnect from an Apex Legends ranked match.

If your teammates abandon you, or if something goes wrong on Respawn's end and you spawn into a match with no teammates, loss forgiveness kicks in.

However, if your internet goes down, the loss forgiveness impact will vary.

The first time this happens a season, you’ll automatically get loss forgiveness applied, no questions asked. However, any further times this happens Respawn will check what happened to see whether the abandonment looks suspicious. If it looks accidental, you’ll be granted another forgiveness – however, you can only get the benefit of the doubt three times a season. After that, Respawn will consider it a suspicious abandon, and penalise you. 

This season, however, you can reconnect to matches that you crash out of, or if your internet goes down. If your character is somewhere safe, and your teammates are around to protect them, then you might be able to jump back into your ranked match with no RP loss whatsoever.

Bloodhound lets their raven loose on the snowy hills of World's Edge.
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Apex Legends Ranked season 16 split 2

The second Ranked split will begin on April 4 and also sees the return of a fan-favourite map.

Apex Legends rank reset

At the start of a new season, and when the ranked split changes mid-season, everyone’s rank is reset by one and a half tiers. So if you ended the first split in Platinum II, you would start the new split in Gold IV. 

So don't panic if you've fallen far behind where you were in the first ranked split - it was bound to happen, and all you have to do now is get back to work and make your way back to your tier if not higher!

That’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends ranked mode! Now all that’s left to do is pick your favourite Legend, grab your favourite gun, and get climbing.

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