Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Data Cards Locations

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April 6, 2022: We added all 19 of the Skywalker Saga data cards for you to find!

If you're hoping to unlock some of the fun, goofy, and downright necessary Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga cheats, you're going to need to track down all the Skywalker Saga Data cards hidden around the galaxy far, far away. To help with that, we've made a start at detailing where to find them, what they do, and how many you'll need to unlock some good stuff.

Skywalker Saga data cards aren't always difficult to find. Like many other collectibles in this long-awaited Lego sequel, they're signposted on the map of the area you're in. If there's a Skywalker Saga data card to collect, you'll know roughly where to find it. But how exactly you reach it is where you'll sometimes need this guide.

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All Skywalker Saga Data Card Locations


1. Naboo

Once you're on Naboo, you might have come across a guy who speaks about the terrible location of his office by the landing pad. This is actually a roundabout way of saying his workspace houses the first of these handy collectibles.

To find it, head back to the landing bay and face yourself toward the inner city. Take a hard right until you reach the tall building opposite the landing bay. Break the boxes to the right of the staircase here and use a slam attack (jump + B/O) to break through the vent beneath.

Follow the walkway here all the way to the rear of the building, use the force to move two objects onto the switches powering the door, and you'll open up the way to the first Skywalker Saga Data Card. They won't all be quite so tricky.

2, 3, 4. Tatooine

Here's one of the less tricky Skywalker Saga data cards you'll be looking for on your journey.

The Tatooine data card is literally just stuffed in a small house. It's tucked away in the corner of the doorway so as to hide itself well, but so long as you're at the position on the map, you shouldn't have to look too hard. Just dash into the house it appears to be inside on the map and run around the place a little. You'll get it.


The second one is in the Jundland Wastes. Climb up the rock faces using a lightsaber, then swing using the poles to get above them. Complete this platforming section by using the Force Jump ability and swinging on the poles, and you'll soon find the data card.

The final data card in Tattooine is in the Civilian Quarters, but high above where you can normally reach. As such, you'll need to collect a bunch of blocks using the Force, stacking them on top of each other by where the icon is on the map. Then it's as easy as climbing those and snagging the card.

5, 6. Coruscant

The Coruscant data card is another that's relatively easy to find. It's sign-posted on the map for all to see, but actually reaching it can prove to be a little tricky.

Once you've reached the promenade nearby, you'll notice that the data card is actually on the other side of a deep drop. Rather than attempt to double-jump this (which won't work), you need to rely on the game's jump prompt system instead.

Get close enough to the slight high point of the promenade ledge and you should be presented with the A/X prompt to jump onto the post. From there, turn the camera to face the distant structure and you should get another button prompt that'll launch you toward the building. Run around the doughnut-shaped path and you'll find the Coruscant data card location at the other end.

The second card in Coruscant is luckily much easier to find, and it's in the Federal District. Climb to a building on Senate View, and drop down onto the main building. Run around the perimeter, and two switches appear. With an AI companion or a co-op buddy, pull them both, and the card will be yours.


7. Bespin

With a character with the Scavenger trait equipped, start smashing loose walls around you. Keep doing it until you see an alcove in the wall, grapple in, and take the data card.

8. Canto Bight

Over to the casino planet from The Last Jedi now! The data card in this hub world is on one of the balconies in the apartments hanging above. Simple trial and error will do the trick here, grappling up to each one to see if you can spot the card.

9. Crait

Another Last Jedi planet, the data card on Crait is located near the ladders that appear just to the left of your initial spawn point. Simply climb up them, grapple to a pipe sticking out from above, and you'll collect the data card.

10. Dagobah

Off to Yoda's place of residence now. Wade through the Dragonsnake Bog until a grapple prompt appears, sending you into the trees above. From there, you won't miss the card.


11. Endor

In the Ewok Village section, look for a tree with a spiral staircase going underground. Follow it to the very bottom, and shoot the vines hanging over in the background. That'll reveal a target for you to hit. Shoot that, and then you can collect this data card.

12. Exegol

Head down via the elevator near the initial landing point. Go through the next room and to the left, climbing the stairs in front of you. Then swing a right and climb the rope ahead. Once you're up there, a pesky data card is hiding on the pipes.

13. Geonosis

You'll once again need a scavenger character to get this data card. Climb up the main rock face, either with nets or a grappling hook. Keep traversing to the top, past all the required grappling points, and you'll get the data card.

14. Hoth

In the main military base, take a look up to the strip lights above. You need to get onto them, so head to the back wall and use the grappling points. Shimmy across and time your jumps, and you'll soon make it onto the lights, to snag the data card.


15. Jakku

This one is more straightforward. Simply hop into the tubes strewn across the map, until you end up in the one that wraps up by the data card.

16. Kashyyyk

Onto the Wookiee homeworld next, where the datacard is on a balcony just next to one of the biggest trees in the hub world. Climb atop it, jump over to the balcony, and you won't miss the data card.

17. Kef Bir

Head to the Crash Site area, specifically in the Company 77 section, and peek behind the buildings. That's where this data card is lurking.

18. Mustafar

The penultimate data card can be found far into the mining complex, where Anakin and Obi-Wan have their prophecy-defining battle. Head towards the data card icon on the map, and climb the stairs nearest to it. Then grapple up to the pipes above, and the data card will be ready to greet you.

19. Yavin 4

The final data card in the game is in the middle of the Temple Hangar. Go to the walkway, grapple up, and you'll be able to complete your collection of data cards.

Skywalker Saga data cards require lots of complex area traversals.
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What Are Skywalker Saga Data Cards?


Skywalker Saga Data Cards are 19 little collectibles you can use (alongside Studs) to unlock a wide range of cheats, easter eggs, and boosts.

If you're serious about collecting everything in the game, you'll want to grab these early and buy the Stud multipliers first and foremost. These will help you easily afford the rest of the game's many, many unlockables.

For those who're just having fun, though, Skywalker Saga data cards are best used to unlock retro-style mods and easter eggs like Big Head Mode, Mumble Mode, and Pew Pew mode.

That's about all you need to know about Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga data cards for now. We'll keep updating this list with concrete data card locations as we find them. For now, though, check out our Skywalker Saga voice actors list if you're curious about a familiar voice.