Elden Ring players photoshop Iron Fist Alexander into all of their favourite films

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A living jar in Elden Ring.

Since they finally received the massive DLC announcement they’d all been craving, Elden Ring players have all been basking in the warm glow of knowing that work on the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is definitely underway.

Many have also decided to undertake intense boss battle prep sessions that’ll likely help keep their skills as sharp as possible until the expansion’s arrival, even if some of the abilities honed by beating the game while upside down or using a Bop-It might not be completely relevant to the upcoming challenge.

If you’ve recently spent several hundred hours doing things like trying to defeat Malenia while playing in first-person and are in need of something less taxing to do while you recharge your batteries, you might want to join in with some recent antics from the game’s Reddit fanbase.

Which movies do you think could benefit from a cameo by Elden Ring’s adventurous living jar?

If you head to a recent thread on the subreddit r/Eldenring, you can find the results of an intense image-editing frenzy from some hardened Souls series veterans, which was set off by user International-Menu85 challenging them to “Photoshop (Iron Fist) Alexander into your favourite film”.

This request proved pretty popular with their fellow Tarnished, who obliged by following the thread with a massive range of jar cameos in different movies, which varied in quality, but are all good for a laugh.

Some particularly impressive examples include Alexander in the Lion King from user Xenoesis, Alexander in Indiana Jones from user -Dixieflatline and Alexander in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story from user ironically-spiders.

That said, it’s definitely worth taking a look through all of the entries, because no matter whether your favourite film is a sci-fi flick like Blade Runner 2049, which user kamuimephisto absolutely nailed, a fantasy epic from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which user Peprock716 opted for or a gritty crime thriller like The Godfather, which -Dixieflatline also decided to have a go at, odds are someone’s added a jar to it.

The thread on the Elden Ring subreddit.
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That said, the edit that arguably best fits with the spirit of the Souls community came from user phoenix_451, who created the wonderful: “Monty Python and the Holy Alexander”.

Sadly, some users seemingly got confused about which kinds of movies International-Menu85 was talking about, leading Tanklike441 to inject Alexander into an equally funny, but less safe-for-work scenario.

Regardless of whether you’re now booting up your editing software to bring Elden Ring’s Alexander to your favourite piece of cinema, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it arrives.

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