War Tycoon codes (May 2023) - Free cash guns, and upgrades

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May 1, 2023: We've checked for the newest War Tycoon codes.

Looking for the latest and greatest War Tycoon codes in Roblox? Well look no further, as we have all the latest codes available for the game. As with all Roblox games, codes are a vital part of the player experience as it provides players new and old with a bunch of free stuff in the game.

War Tycoon in Roblox is a war simulation game, where you'll be building up weapons and vehicles to do battle with other players. The codes in this game will aid you in this journey with tons of freebies.

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New War Tycoon codes (April 2023)

  • 350K – 35k cash, Life Barrett M82 Gamepads Gun, 35 minutes 2x cash boost (NEW)
  • BlueTweet - Gun skin
  • Social—100k Cash and 10 minutes of 2x cash boost
  • Hooray50k – free reward
  • BlueBird – free reward
  • 250k - Redeem for 25k cash
  • APRILFIRST – 100,000 cash
  • POWERUP – upgrade recon and machine gun drone to level 1
  • BigBucks – 100,000 cash
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Expired Codes:

  • 200K – 20-minute double cash boost, 200k cash, and one life barret m82 gamepass gun
  • Stonks – double cash for ten minutes
  • 50M – double cash for 50 minutes
  • Weekend – free reward
  • TweetUp – free reward
  • GoinUp – double cash boost

How do I redeem War Tycoon codes?

With your codes in hand, here's how you redeem them.

  • Open War Tycoon in Roblox
  • Click on the Twitter button on the side of the screen
  • Copy the code from our list
  • Paste it into the box
  • Hit redeem to get your reward.

Where do I get more War Tycoon codes?

War Tycoon codes are controlled and distributed by the game's developer Green Titans Entertainment. They will release codes for various things such as for player counts or favorites. They also can release them for in game events as well. Make sure to bookmark this page as we'll be updating it with new codes as they come out.

What if my War Tycoon codes don't work?

If your codes don't work when you try to redeem them, then there's a few things you can do. First off, make sure that you've put the code in correctly. If you typed it in, try that again or copy them directly from our list. If that doesn't work, try and restart your game and enter them again. If it doesn't work then, then the code may be expired.

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