Everywhere release date speculation, preorder, and platforms

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Everywhere cover

Set for a vague 2023 launch, Everywhere release date speculation is on the rise. The new game set to blur the lines between virtual and reality comes from ex-Dead Space developers. Published by EA as part of the Originals line, it's a title that's still shrouded in mystery despite already promising... everything.

Here's everything you need to know about Everything; from when we expect it to launch, to what exactly we think it could be. Given we know very little about the game right now, we are basing most of this on trailers and social media. Needless to say, we are expecting a lot more information as the release year goes on. We'll update you when more comes in.

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Everywhere Release Date speculation

As of right now, we know very little about the Everywhere release date. Though it is planned to release in 2023, it seems likely it could be pushed back as we haven't seen any update here in a little while. It received a very short trailer at Gamescom 2022, but it came and went without a tighter release window.

If anything changes or we get an update either way, we will update you right here.

What is Everywhere?

Everywhere seems to be an intentionally esoteric game. It has an open world and seamless multiplayer elements, allowing you to blend your own narrative with the broader community. It is all about connecting to your fellow players in new ways though, though we're not sure how that will happen just yet.

There do appear to be many smaller stories interlinked but we don't know how just yet. It seems like a very ambitious project. We can only imagine how it will look at launch.

Everywhere Pre-Orders

As of right now, there is no way to preorder the game. This being said, it seems likely one will pop up soon. You should be able to purchase it from all the standard storefronts.

Everywhere Platforms

We don't yet have official confirmation of the game's platforms just yet. This being said, we can imagine it launching on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Given how innovative it seems to be, it may not be able to run on Nintendo Switch. This being said, we have seen some Nintendo Switch games running through cloud servers. It's possible they could do this.

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