Apex Legends devs tease imminent ban wave

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Screenshot of Apex Legends characters fighting and Caustic holding Death Hammer heirloom
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Cheating in Apex Legends is hugely frustrating for those looking to drop into the action and a level playing field. Despite the best efforts of Respawn Entertainment, hackers are continuing to slip through the net.

Ahead of the Season 17 update, the developers are teasing what the next season of content has in store. Ranging from weapon mastery to potential adjustments that will impact the best weapons to use, there’s plenty of change on the horizon.

Another change involves how Respawn Entertainment deals with cheaters. One member of the team is teasing the next wave of bans is on its way very soon.

How is Apex Legends dealing with hackers?

On April 26, 2023, Twitter user RedSpooder reveals the team behind security at Respawn Entertainment has worked on a range of new ways to detect cheaters in matches alongside the beginning of a fresh ban wave.

“Today we started pushing the big red button,” says Spooder who reveals the next ban wave is already underway. The news is music to the ears of the Apex Legends community, who recently suggested adding anti-cheat features from Warzone 2 in order to deter players from using hacks to gain the upper hand.

In addition to the first swing of the ban hammer, Respawn Entertainment is also implementing fixes to the battle royale’s audio. Several players have reported significant audio drops during matches which is far from ideal when attempting to listen for nearby footsteps.

Preventing cheaters from ruining matches is an extremely tricky task and although it’s impossible to stop all of them, it’s encouraging to see Respawn Entertainment taking action in order to maintain a level playing field across all casual and competitive modes for Apex Legends. Only time will tell if this latest ban wave has the desired effect.

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