Where to find Electrician's Toolbox key in Dead Island 2

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A zombie walking along a beach in Dead Island 2.
April 25, 2023: Hunting for the Electrician's Toolbox key? Find its location and what it unlocks in our guide.

While exploring the mysterious world, you will need to find the Electrician's Toolbox key in Dead Island 2 to unlock a locked container and grab a lethal weapon mod. However, keys are well hidden in Dead Island 2, so finding them in the game is not easy, especially if you're a beginner.

In Dead Island 2, there are two ways to find keys. The first is discovering them lying around, which can be part of a quest or found while exploring. The second way is by defeating named zombies, indicated by a unique name and health bar.

Dead Island 2 Electrician's Toolbox Key location

To get the Electrician's Toolbox key in Dead Island 2, you must make your way to the Ocean Avenue region, and then head towards the huge hole in the road where there's a nearby ambulance. There you'll find a zombie named Faulty Electrician Shocking Walker, who boasts the Electrician's Toolbox key.

The Faulty Electrician zombie in Dead Island 2.
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It's worth noting that a few other zombies accompany your primary target, so you'll need to take out all of them to get the key.

Besides this, we recommend taking out all the zombies with a ranged weapon, as the Faulty Electrician zombie emits shockwaves that can deplete your health if you stand close to him. Once you deal with the zombie, grab the keys from his body.

Electrician's Toolbox location in Dead Island 2
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Once you have the keys, you can find the Electrician's toolbox inside the Thalia Apartments, near the Beancup Coffee shop. Interact with the toolbox to claim Superior Ranged Mutilator Mod.

It's a kind of weapon attachment that gives a major physical damage boost and comes with a special Weakened effect. This ability enables you to regain stamina when you hit a weakened zombie.

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