What is the Scary Doll Fortnite code? (April 2023)

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A Fortnite character designing a world

Looking for the Scary Doll Fortnite code? With a bunch of new Creative 2.0 maps out after the recent keynote announcing an overhaul to the feature, there are bigger and better user-made maps on offer. One of them is the Scary Doll Fortnite map, which players are desperate to try out.

In this guide, we'll give you the Scary Doll Fortnite code so you can jump into the mode right away. On top of that, we'll give details on how to use the Scary Doll Fortnite code, alongside details on exactly what it gives you access to.

What is the Scary Doll Fortnite code?

The Scary Doll Fortnite code is 7595-1913-2803.

Using this code will get you into Scary Doll in Fortnite, so you can play it to your heart's content. Alternatively, you can bookmark the Scary Doll page on the Fortnite website, provided you're logged into your Epic Games account. Then, it should be on your bookmarks and easy to access!

How do I use the Scary Doll Fortnite code?

To use the Scary Doll Fortnite code, you need to plug it in the game's Creative mode menu. To do that, you need to bookmark it from the browser, either on your console or PC.

Next, head to the Discover tab on the Fortnite main menu. Now you've bookmarked Scary Doll, it should be there waiting for you in the bookmarks section, under My Playlist.

Following that, all you need to do is click on Scary Doll to boot it up and play within Fortnite!

What is Scary Doll in Fortnite?

Scary Doll is one of the most popular horror maps in all of Fortnite Creative. With the Scary Doll code in your arsenal, you'll be able to access it any time you head to the browser to search for a mode to play.

Made by Kool_Light69, Scary Doll in Fortnite is all about avoiding the eponymous nightmarish baby, while keeping yourself safe. It's unlike the child-friendly frolics of Fortnite's core battle royale mode, hence why so many fans enjoy that it offers something different.

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