FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - Foundations 2 SBC solutions

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Image of Ted Lasso in FIFA 23.

Need some help with the FIFA 23 Foundations 2 SBC? While it's only the second core group of non-repeatable SBCs you'll encounter in the game, it somehow manages to be one of the trickiest. If you need a few pointers to get you to the end point, we're here to help.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down all the solutions to the four Foundations 2 SBC puzzles. Three of them are fairly straightforward, if a little expensive, while one is downright gruelling. You'll definitely want a few pointers.

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Hybrid Chemistry 1 SBC solution

  • Requirements: Three players in the squad, all from the same league and nation, with 2 Chemistry each
  • Rewards: Premium bronze jumbo pack

This first one is surprisingly tricky, primarily because you need each player's position to be absolutely perfect, otherwise they won't get that 2 Chemistry. As such, we went for the Chinese Super League, which has plenty of cheap bronze players.

They don't need to be from the same club, but ensure all three of your players come from the same nation. Fortunately, the CSL has a policy regulating the number of non-Chinese players each team is allowed, so it makes finding cheap Chinese players easy.

Image of the solution for Hybrid Chemistry I in FIFA 23.
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Hybrid Chemistry 2 SBC solution

  • Requirements: Three players from the same league and club, but with only two chemistry points each
  • Rewards: Premium bronze jumbo pack

Surprisingly, this is the hardest of all the SBCs in this group. You need three players from the same league and club, but they need to have two chemistry points each instead of three.

This means you need one of those players to be from a different nation. This can get expensive if you don't have much fodder, so it could be worth coming back to later down the line.

Image of the Hybrid Chemistry 3 SBC in FIFA 23.
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Hybrid Chemistry 3 SBC solution

  • Requirements: Two players from the same nation and club
  • Rewards: Premium bronze jumbo pack

Funnily enough, this SBC is actually easier than the one that came before it. You only need two players this time around, though the catch is they have to be from the same nation, league, and club.

It's a lot of specific chemistry, but we managed to find Saudi players going fairly cheap, making this an SBC you can complete with just over 400 coins.

Image of the 10 Chemistry SBC in FIFA 23.
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10 Chemistry SBC solution

  • Requirements: Five players who combine for at least 10 chemistry points
  • Rewards: Premium silver jumbo pack

This is also deceptively easy, as all you need is five players that combine enough to net you 10/33 chemistry. That's not too hard a requirement, so your best bet is to focus on one nationality.

For example, we went for an all-English team, with a few extra Premier League players to take the chemistry threshold over the requirement. Nice and easy.

What do I get for completing the FIFA 23 Foundations 2 SBC group?

Following the completion of the Foundations 2 SBC group, you'll get a gold pack. However, the SBC challenge is currently glitched, meaning the reward comes up as FUT_STORE_PACK_5701_NAME_MOBILE. Equally, when you try to open it in the web app, it simply won't work.

Therefore, the rewards for this SBC group technically remain inaccessible, even if you earn them. EA Sports is bound to fix this soon, so we'll update this guide once we know more.

That's it for our look at how to complete the FIFA 23 Foundations 2 SBC! It's a huge step up from the Foundations 1 SBC group, so make sure you've got plenty of fodder to get through it without too much stress.

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