Dead By Daylight best killer perks ranked (May 2023)

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Image of various killers in Dead By Daylight.
May 1, 2023: With the launch of Skull Merchant and a new killer expected soon, we have checked over our information.

With multiple Killers each with three unique perks, the variety of Killer perks in Dead By Daylight is extensive. Perks function in helping you keep control of objectives throughout the map and subdue Survivors, and can often completely change the landscape of how a match plays out. That's where the best killer perks in Dead By Daylight come in handy.

Unlike Survivors, each Killer has unique weapons, abilities, and physical stats. In some circumstances, the viability of certain perks is rendered completely useless for certain Killers, whereas for others, they can be invaluable. Despite this, there is a solid list of Killer perks that are useful and effective for almost every single Killer, and should always be considered when creating your build before each match.

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1. Barbecue & Chilli (The Cannibal)

Barbecue & Chilli is unequivocally one of the most essential perks for successful Killers, and has remained at the top of many tier lists since the introduction of The Cannibal in 2017. This perk reveals the auras of all other Survivors that are over 40 meters away from a hook that you place a Survivor on. It has no cool-down and can be used as many times as a Survivor is hooked, guaranteeing leads on which objectives are currently being worked on, and who may potentially be nearby to try a rescue attempt for your victim.

2. Hex: Ruin (The Hag)

Another perk that is the bane of a Survivor’s match, Hex: Ruin immediately begins regressing every single generator being worked on as soon as all Survivors stop working on it. This perk is a vital tool for keeping control of objectives during a match. Like all other Hexes, there is a gamble that a Survivor can quickly find and cleanse the Totem hosting this perk. However, if you’re a Killer with high mobility, it’s a possibility to keep tabs on the totem to ensure that it isn’t preyed upon.

3. Thrilling Tremors (The Ghost)

Similar to Hex: Ruin, Thrilling Tremors is another effective way of disrupting Survivors as they try to manoeuvre throughout the map. Thrilling Tremors, especially when combined with Barbecue & Chilli, enables Killers to snuff out Survivors because it narrows down where Survivors may currently be working on an objective, or hiding.

The Nurse from Dead by Daylight
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4. A Nurse’s Calling (The Nurse)

As a Killer, one of the most frustrating occurrences is a team of Survivors that make coordinated efforts to immediately heal one another. A Nurse’s Calling is the solution to that issue, especially for high mobility Killers, as it reveals the auras of Survivors actively being healed within a certain distance. It has no cool-down and is passive, making it a perk that will be frequently be used throughout each match.

5. Make Your Choice (The Pig)

For all the Survivors that want to play hero, Make Your Choice is their demise. Immediately after rescuing a fellow Survivor from a hook, that Survivor is inflicted with the Exposed status effect, which enables the Killer to put that Survivor into the dying state with one attack. Often times, this results in nabbing two-birds-with-one-stone for Killers with this perk if a Survivor tries to rescue his cohort prematurely.

6. Save the best for last (The Shape)

Save the best for last is a solid perk that gives you a stackable 5% cool-down reduction on successful attacks for every time you hit survivors that aren't the obsession with a basic attack. This makes it a wonderful perk for taking down everyone who isn't the obsession. This used to be a good perk and has only become stronger with the obsession overhaul.

7. Sloppy Butcher (All Killers)

Sloppy Butcher is a double-whammy perk with no cool-down that affects any Survivor inflicted by a basic attack. It causes the Mangled and Haemorrhage status effects, both of which make it easier to track Survivors during chases, and make it more difficult for Survivors to recover back into the healthy state.

Dead by Daylight Doctor
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8. Bitter Murmur (All Killers)

Continuing the trend of useful perks with no cool-downs, Bitter Murmur reveals the auras of all Survivors that are adjacent to completed generators. This is the perfect perk to track Survivors who are working together to rush generators and gain insight towards what direction around the map that they’re moving.

9. Corrupt Intervention (The Plague)

No matter which killer you are playing, Corrupt Intervention gives you an excellent start to the game. Locking the three generators that are furthest away from you, this means players have to come much closer to start their game. It works best for killers who control areas but it slows the game to a halt at the very start - an intimidating move.

10. Hex: Haunting Ground (The Spirit)

For the unsuspecting Survivor, Hex: Haunting Ground is a devastating perk. Two active Totems appear on the map when this perk is equipped. When one of them is cleansed, it immediately puts all Survivors into the Exposed status for a long period of time, during which the Killer can instantly down any Survivor with any attack.

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