Destiny 2 Xur location today (April 28) - Where is Xur?

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Xur in Destiny 2.
April 28, 2023: Let's see what Xur has brought us for the weekend before Guardian Games

There are certain things in Destiny 2 that are inescapable: clogged servers during a new season or expansion release, Tuesday's weekly update, and of course, Xur's visit every Friday.

If you're a newer Destiny 2 player (Blueberries as we like to call them), Xur is a mysterious entity that brings a different assortment of goods, mostly gear, and weapons, for players to purchase. The highlight, naturally, is the exotic pieces of armour and guns he brings each week.

Finding him used to be a daunting, interesting task, however, as months and eventually years went on, placing the mysterious merchant has become rather mundane.

Still, if you don't want to waste any precious seconds, we'll tell you where exactly to find Xur on April 28 and what he's got in store for you.

Where is Xur this week?

You'll be able to find Xur in the European Dead Zone (EDZ) this week. Use the Winding Cove Landing Zone and head towards the clump of Guardians that you see right in front of you as you spawn.

It's literally unmissable, but in case you need more guidance, this is the exact position of Xur this week.

Destiny 2 map with Xur's location
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Xur's location for the weekend starting April 28.

Now, unto the good stuff

What is Xur selling this week?

As usual, Xur is selling four different exotic (one weapon and one piece of gear per subclass) plus two random rolls for the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon and the Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle.

The exotics in turn are:

  • The Prospector Grenade Launcher
  • Lucky Pants Hunter Leg Armor
  • Armamentarium Chest Titan Armor
  • Starfire Protocol Chest Warlock Armor

The cost for each piece of exotic gear is 29 Legendary Shards.

The Hawkmoon comes with the Opening Shot perk, meanwhile, DMT is being sold with Vorpal Weapon. These cost a bit more due to being exotics that were previously way harder to find.

You'll need to fork out 200 Legendary Shards, one exotic Cipher, and one Ascendant Shard.

You can also purchase an exotic Engram for a whooping 97 Legendary Shards. This is not recommended if you're a seasoned veteran but if you want to grow your armory of exotic gear, then maybe consider buying a couple.

As for Legendary gear this time around, Xur is offering the Yuga Sundown gear set and the following weapons:

  • Vulpecula Hand Cannon
  • Enigma’s Draw Sidearm
  • Friction Fire Submachine Gun
  • Under Your Skin Bow
  • Judgement Of Kelgorath Glaive
  • Blast Battue Grenade Launcher
  • Lonesome Sidearm

Armour this week is bad. A lot of low rolls and any pieces with high rolls have bad stat distribution. I'd say skip out on this week unless you're a new player that only has the low to mid 50 stat roll armor from the campaign, then maybe consider picking a couple of these up.

What to buy from Xur

It's a mixed bag this time. If you still don't own DMT, Vorpal Weapon is one hell of a perk, although to get the most out of it you'll need to be a proper PvP grinder, and it's been nerfed, so it's really up to you.

Titan's piece this week is a complete miss. Hunters could get some use of Lucky Pants as the recent Hand Cannon buffs can pair nicely with them and come with a decent +15 in Mobility.

The real winners are Warlocks, with Starfire Protocol being a must for high-end PvE content. The 63 stat rolls are okay at best, but the piece is so OP it really doesn't matter.

As for the Legendary gear, we’ll keep it short: skip all armour pieces and maybe consider buying Enigma's Draw, Under Your Skin, and Judgement of Kelgorath. Decent perks on all.

When does Xur show up in Destiny 2?

He appears Fridays at 5 pm GMT (6 pm BST) in a seemingly random location (not really) and leaves at the same time on Tuesdays.

Who is Xur?

If you're new to the game, Xur is a character that sells exotic weapons and armour over the weekend. He appears at a seemingly random location and offers rare gear in exchange for Legendary Shards that you can collect from dismantling Legendary gear or completing activities.

We say random location, but he'll always be in the same spots you've always found him in - "Winding Cove" in the EDZ, in a tree in "Watcher's Grave" on Nessus, or in the Hangar in the Tower. He used to appear on Io and Titan, but both of those locations are now in the "Destiny Content Vault".

We won't know what he's offering for players until he appears, but we do know that he'll offer a variety of items.

How is Xur?

Everyone is always asking "Where is Xur?" but never "How is Xur?" Having been the Guardian's primary quartermaster since the original release almost ten years ago now - he's probably getting pretty lonely at this point as players seek him out on a set day, grab what they can, and ignore his ex for another few days.

We'll be updating this piece once we know where the tentacle-faced hoodlum is, and what he's offering for Guardians.

A previous version of this guide was written and maintained by James Wright.

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