How to find every Honkai Star Rail Administrative District chest

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art of one of the characters in Honkai star rail

Looking for every Honkai Star Rail Administrative District chest location Honkai Star Rail has a fantastic story and combat system but one of the most addicting aspects of the game is the chest hunting. The open world is full of chests waiting to be unlocked and they drop tons of important resources.

The Administrative District is one of the easiest areas to achieve 100% completion in. But you need to be thorough and find all ten chests in the area, which can be a little tricky. We will go over all ten chest locations and help you uncover all of the rewards.

Before we help you find all of the chests in Honkai Star Rail’s Administrative District, consider checking out our other guides on how to get more Stellar Jades and how to increase your Trailblaze level for even more rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Administrative District chest locations

Honkai Star Rail Administrative District
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Credit: Hoyoverse
Honkai Star Rail Administrative District

You need to teleport to the Administrative District by using the map menu and navigating to the area. The area is very small and you should have no trouble finding all of the chests after following our guide:

Chest Location
Chest 1Head to the giant Space Anchor to find your first chest right next to it.
Chest 2Head to the restaurant seating area near the previous chest to find Chest 2.
Chest 3After collecting Chest 2, go up the stairs next to the restaurant and you will notice green banners with a gate. Chest 3 is right in front of the gate for you to pilfer.
Chest 4A building with a dumpster and a street lamp is nearby. Head to the building and you will notice a chest right next to it.
Chest 5After collecting Chest 4, look for the mother and child NPC duo. Turn left and you should see Dominic with a chest next to the stairs near him.
Chest 6Head back to the Space Anchor area and walk towards the giant stairs. You will find your sixth chest there.
Chest 7After collecting the previous chest, look for the guards on the staircase and there will be a chest right next to them.
Chest 8There will be a blockade line next to the NPC on the way to chest 7. Inspect the line and you will need to follow a short story quest to get your final chest.
Chest 9Keep using the Northern staircase and you will notice a chest right behind some posters.
Chest 10Head down the stairs and go to the northwest part of the map. There is a giant iron gate next to a phone booth and a chest right next to it.

Those are all ten Administrative District chests in Honkai Star Rail and they are very easy to locate due to how small the area is. Once you have all ten chests, you can safely move on to other areas to explore.

If you have already explored all areas and have run out of Stellar Jade, do remember to claim all Honkai Star Rail codes and redeem Honkai Star Rail Twitch drops for some extra rewards.

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