Anime Tales tier list - Best skins and powers (April 2023)

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A Roblox anime character in promotional art from Anime Tales.

With the game out now, an Anime Tales tier list is in high demand. This exciting Roblox game from YouTuber Kelvingts has been in the works for years now, and finally seems to be on the horizon. Therefore, eager fans are desperate to decide their strategy before diving in.

In this guide, we'll break down the best skins and abilities we know of in Anime Tales so far. Since the game isn't out just yet there are still a few details to be ironed out, so we're basing our rankings off the stats we know so far, and a healthy dose of speculation.

Anime Tales tier list - Best skins

See the table below for our Anime Tales tier list of all the skins we know about so far:

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Ranking Skin name
DStraw Hat, Original Hero (Goku), Fox Demon (Naruto), Edgy Rival (Sasuke), Cat Commander (Yoruichi), Dragon Slayer (Natsu), Alien Prince (Vegeta), Slime Lord (Rimuru), Copy Sensei (Kakashi), Godspeed Assassin (Killua), Michael (Mikey), White Eyed Genius (Neji & Hinata), Psycho Girl (Megumin), Lost Swordsman (Zoro), Curly Brows (Sanji)

As you can see, so far our Anime Tales tier list is only populated by characters in the D tier. This is because, at this pre-release stage, the devs have only confirmed one-star characters, and nothing better. Therefore, anything two-star and above remains a mystery, so we'll need to wait and see which fighters populate those ranks.

Fortunately, at least 47 unique skins have been confirmed for the full release, so this tier list is bound to be full of great characters in no time.

How do I get more Anime Tales skins?

As it stands, it's unclear as to how you get more skins in Anime Tales. there are two main schools of thought: a gacha system, or purchasing skins from the in-game store.

It seems most likely that Anime Tales will use a gacha pull system when it comes to getting new characters. This means you're less likely to get an S-tier fighter each time you purchase a spin using currency, but that's all part of the risk-and-reward mechanic.

Of course, as soon as we have a definitive answer as to how you recruit new fighters to your team, we'll update this guide.

Anime Tales tier list - Best powers

Ranking Powers
SUltimate Cutter, Fiery Kick
AHeaven Spin, Explosion, Spirit Boost
BSubstitution, God Dash, Fighting Technique, Air Palm
CSpiraling Sphere, Wind Spiraling Sphere, Thousand Birds, Flashstep Barrage, Dragon Claw, Galactic Wave, God's Wraith
DRapid Barrage, Destruction Wave, Spirit Bomb

Above you can also see our ranking of the powers announced for the game so far. They seem to scale upwards in damage stats, meaning the ones near the top will definitely pack the most significant punch. Of course, you may want to test some powers out prior to settling on a build, to see which ones suit you best.

That's it for our Anime Tales tier list! If you're looking for extra Roblox codes, we're here to help. Grab some Anime Tales codes to get you started early, as well as extra-popular Shindo Life codes. On top of that, you can redeem the latest Pet Simulator X codes!

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