Warzone 2 hackers lag switching to score nukes

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Warzone 2 nuke explosion and player holding gold gun
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software and Infinity Ward, Warzone 2 hackers continue to disrupt the action in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Whether it’s wallhacks or aimbots, cheaters are continuing to find new ways to ruin matches.

With focus already turning to what Season 3 Reloaded has in store, players dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale are growing tired of Ricochet banning innocent players but there are a few positive outlooks following the discovery of a new Resurgence map within the game files.

The latest cheating conundrum involves hackers using lag switches in order for them to complete the coveted nuke contract with minimal interference from opponents. As expected, legitimate players are far from impressed.

Warzone 2 lag switches causing chaos

According to Reddit user Werseter, cheaters are activating lag switches in lobbies containing between 50 and 60 players in order to complete the Champion’s Quest as fast as possible. “Seen at least half a dozen instances when the lobby starts lagging horribly then the lag stops.

Judging by the comments, intentional lag isn’t anything new. “It happened in almost every lobby,” comments one frustrated fan. Another member of the community reveals players wanting to score a nuke can pay hackers for assistance. “Nuke services are offered for money. You pay to be carried through the Nuke quest and get the rewards.” One tactic to guarantee the completion of the contract is by using a lag switch to kick the majority of players from the lobby for minimal interference.

Paying to complete the Champion’s Quest is far from ideal, especially for players looking to drop into matches for a few hours. Why would anyone want to return if there’s a possibility hackers can bring their match to an early end?

With the team behind Ricochet recently unveiling changes to combat hackers, there’s every chance they’ll clamp down on those paying for a fast-track method to complete Warzone 2’s trickiest task.

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