Modern Warfare 2 hackers are ruining ranked play

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Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 player with red box and Ghost holding gun
Credit: Activision

When dropping into any form of a competitive match, players want a level playing field with a minimal chance of encountering cheaters. Despite the introduction of Ricochet anti-cheat, Modern Warfare 2 hackers are continuing to slip through the net.

With the launch of Season 3 Reloaded on the horizon, fans are still climbing the ranks in Modern Warfare 2 ranked but towards the very top of the ladder, there are several frustrated players attempting to take the top spot.

Instead of running into the best players in the world, the highest ranked divisions are full of hackers, leaving some to claim the game is unplayable.

Modern Warfare 2 ranked is 'unplayable'

Notable Challengers player LewTee claims “at least 200 of the top 250 are cheating” and have been doing so for several weeks without any kind of punishment.

“There’s at least one cheater per lobby,” reveals LewTee. “CoD is officially at rock bottom.” There are numerous players sharing the same frustrations as those competing in Challengers tournaments. “Activision and Infinity Ward just do not care,” comments another fan quickly losing interest in what ranked offers.

Although the team behind the anti-cheat continues introducing a wealth of techniques to catch hackers, it’s clear that they’re not impacting ranked play in the opening weeks of Season 3.

With a mid-season update not too far away, many are hoping Infinity Ward and Activision manage to prevent cheaters from infiltrating competitive matches. Perhaps a level requirement is needed along with more substantial protection for legitimate players wanting to reach the top 250 in the world.

For the time being, reporting any kind of those suspected of hacking is the best course of action until the ban hammer swings once again.

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