Wall Punch Simulator codes (May 2023) - Free wins, pets, spins, and strength

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May 1, 2023: We've updated our list of the newest Punch Wall Simulator codes.

Need to punch walls fast? You'll want to punch in these Punch Wall Simulator codes even faster. Redeeming the latest codes for PWS on Roblox can save you loads of time by dishing out free wins and potions to fast-track your way through new zones.

Down below, we'll list out any new and expired codes for Punch Wall Simulator as and when we find them. They're coming in frequently as the game climbs the charts, so check back often to stay ahead of your friends. And if you really want to stay ahead, don't even tell them codes exist.

Punch Wall Simulator codes (May 2023)

The following codes work in Punch Wall Simulator right now:

  • eastercode – 2 30m Strength Potion (NEW)
  • secret - 3 30m Gold Potions
  • noob - One spin and an insult
  • roblox - Reveals a new code
  • axel - 15% Boost
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Expired codes

  • No codes for Punch Wall Simulator have expired.
Using codes in Punch Wall Simulator on Roblox.
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How do I use codes in Punch Wall Simulator?

Using any PWS codes you come across is really easy. Just launch Punch Wall Simulator, wait for it to load, and then tap the small codes button on the right-side of the screen. You should see it by the daily rewards calendar.

Enter a code into the box that appears and click the Verify button. If the code worked, you'll see a summary of your rewards at the bottom of the screen.

How do I get more Punch Wall Simulator codes?

Punch Wall Simulator codes drop in a bunch of different places. You'll sometimes find them on the game page description, for one. The developer sometimes posts them on their Twitter feed, too. Then there's the Punch Wall Simulator Discord and the official Punch Wall Simulator Roblox group.

If you don't want to keep tabs on four different places, just let us do it instead. Check back here every day to find any new codes in one handy place.

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